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06-05-2017, 11:19 AM
Hii everyone :D

I thought of a simple transformation starting with a zombie and ending for example with a skeleton of Skadi and Kaldr.

To explain:
So the idea was it to start at 1.stage with Skadi and Kaldr as normal Zombie, with rotten flesh and clothes. She had to be pale, with red eyes and maybe she has periorbital dark circles.
The 2.stage would be based on the first one: now you can see some bones at arms, legs or the ribs shining through the flesh, which is getting darker or black.
The 3.stage would be a simple skeleton of both without any flesh or muscles.
For the last stage i would suggest that they are getting ghosts.

I guess it would also be possible to replace one stage as mummified Skadi and Kaldr with bandages.

Due all theese stages Skadi would wear a normal armor, but maybe not her usually one, because there are less places where bones could shining through. Otherwise it would be possible that the armor decays due the stages too.

According to her abilities: > her spear could be made out of bones or metal, which radiates some knd of black mist or insects

> Permafrost: ground could be made of bones
> Ultimate: storm of black mist or dust and lots of insects

Some references:

Kaldrs 3rd stage

Just a example for her armor

Skadis Body condition at stage 2

Last stage of both

Please tell me what you think of this concept and feel free to add any ideas or suggestions ;)