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06-05-2017, 11:15 AM
Ullr has made it his mission to travel through the nine worlds until he retakes his place among the gods in Asgard. He will travel up Yggdrasil, the world tree, and battle his way through each stage.

Level 1,2,3 - Midgard
Ullr has the form of a mortal in classic hunting clothing. He uses his standard bow and axes to hunt and kill animals in practice for the creatures he might come across in other worlds.
Ullr has more traditional ancient Nordic hunting garb. His abilities stay roughly the same to his base skin. He has short brown hair and stubble.

Level 4,5 - Svartalfheim
Ullr has fallen into the world of the dwarves. In order to not raise any attention to himself, he dresses in dwarven armour, using dwarven axes and a crossbow.
Ullr finds it more difficult to move in the stocky armour of the dwarves. It is silver in colour and the weapons are far fancier than anything from Midgard.

Level 6,7 - Helheim
Ullr has been found and the dwarves were outraged that a human managed to hide from them for so long! They quickly jumped into action and killed him, slicing him in half from head to toe.
Ullr now has a very deceased look. Grey skin, rotting flesh, dishevelled clothes and a scar down the centre of his face from his wounds. He now uses the flies which surround him as both his long range and melee range weapons.

Level 8,9 - Jotunheim
Hel, queen of the dead, takes pity on Ullr. She fixes his body and chucks him into another world. It just so happens to be the world of the giants.
In now nothing but a loin cloth, Ullr picks up the nearest weapons he can find - a couple of trees and a sling shot.

Level 10,11 - Alfheim
The giants, realising that Ullr is no real giant, laugh at his almost naked appearance and cast him away to the land of the light elves.
The elves welcome Ullr, admiring his handsome appearance and dress him in white clothes, with a golden bow and golden swords. For the elves are far more beautiful than the sun.

Level 12,13 - Muspelheim
Despite welcoming Ullr, the elves believe that Ullr should know that although the sun is beautiful, it is deadly. They send him on a test to try and survive the heat of Muspelheim. They give him protection from burns but not from the pain. As soon as Ullr sets foot in this world, he is set ablaze.
Ullr is now consumed by fire and with nothing but charred weapons to use, he is desperately hacking his way through everything to find a way out.

Level 14,15 - Niflheim
Wishing for nothing but to feel colder, Ullr is tricked by some of his old enemies and is sent into Niflheim.
'You want to feel colder? Try this!' They cackle.
Luckily, a few of his old friends are there to assist him and give him some snow clothes to help against the bitter ice. Ullr now wields two pick axes and a bow made from icicles.

Level 16,17 - Vanaheim
Ullr climbs his way to the tallest mountain, through the stinging hail and the freezing winds. He finally reaches the first world of the gods, Vanaheim. He quickly looks for a magical cloak and staff in order to fit in with the seers, fetility gods and other magical beings.
Ullr now uses just his hands for close combat and a magical staff for ranged.

Level 18,19,20 - Asgard
He works his way through the tribe of Vanir as swiftly as possible until he finds the rainbow bridge, Bifrost. He travels up into the world and instantly retains his old godly outfit and weapons of destruction.
With long cape, helmet, beautiful axes and bow in hand, and magnificent armour, he takes his fury out on those who cast him out, finally achieving his goal. He is now, once again, one of the gods.

Although this would be a lot of work for it to come to life, I really liked the idea of the 9 worlds. Whether it's simplified or changed drastically, I would really like to see a concept similar to this come to the game. Thanks for reading. I know it's not a great story, nor mythologically accurate, but I hope you enjoyed.