View Full Version : Medusa spiked rage T5 skin

06-05-2017, 08:32 AM
Lvl 1-5 medusa will be in her early staging of being cursed she will maintain a beautiful face with some what of human like body with her long tail (white nude) texture still reptile form. She will be in a white robe with gold accents and dark energy she will wear her hair as baby (short) cobras.
Her bow will be gold with dark magic accents.

Ultimate - in this form she will turn enemies with into dark ashes (gold sparkles) effect (baby's snakes screech)
Viper shot- will be black fire glowing snakes
Lacerated -dark black fire strike fire slashes

Medusa will glow red and black aura and begin to have the curse amplified as she progresses in form 10-15?her cursed self will begin to shred its skin. spikes on her body along with this progression medusa tail will grown along with her tail spikes ..changing color become more dragon snakes looking with-green/gold/brown scaled body and spikes flaming snakes around her ...the robe she will be wearing will change into a purple with black dark fire (magic) accent. Her hair (snakes) will become longer and and more demoniac scaly creatures with the dark flames (in eyes) and also grow spikes (head).

Ultimate- (snakes on head bust out in frenzy) dark ashes with dark / red aura
Viper shot- fire head spiked black/red fire glowing snakes
Lacerated- is now like a lava black trail finished with red/black (left/right) on end strike

Medusa rage
Lvl 20-15: Medusa is in true cursed form
Snake reptiles face and eyes glowing red/black flames ,head full of long mature cobras with flaming eyes and spikes along head and bodies. The form of her body is bigger with a reptile dragon type scale texture, her tail is longer and will have spikes. Her bow&arrow will consist of flaming spikes that's she pulls from carrier (medusa will have spiked tail so as if she pulls them from there)
Her robes with have shredded and she is left with armored gold spikes shoulders ,red /black flamed spikes on back down tail along with spikes tip.

Medusa Ultimate- consumed with rage her glowing red spike enlarging on her back snakes on her head burts out (straighten outward)...eyes bursting dark spiked flames burning the enemy god and turning them in petrified ash (with spikes in them) when destroyed body will crumble and blow in wind (or like blown back effect while petrified)
Viper shot- will be her spiked bows that penetrate and cause burning affect
Acid spray- spikes enlarge when medusa spits dark red/black flames
Lacerated- spike enlarge in her body will leave a dark black magic trail but the Strike with red flames

I'm new to this but it's just a idea I was thinking took me about 30 min to come up with me know what I you guys think also if you can creat some artwork for this let me know! I would love to see follow me on twitter ! @kingguapa