View Full Version : Ullr T5 concept! Yin Yang Ullr !

06-05-2017, 07:07 AM
Greetings everyone !!!

first of all i have to say that i suck at drawing... so i ve made more images to help me with the concept (cause drawing everything on 1 single image was hard to me xD)

this concept will change based both on level and stance!

1) - the skin will start with a very simple clothing ( http://imgur.com/sHFdeAS ) and simple a armament. i was thinking about giving him a wooden bow and 2 small bokkens ( http://imgur.com/eGnBMeI) (bokken are wooden training sword)
- on his back he ll have a yin yang symbol drawn on his back ( http://imgur.com/avntTCf )

2) upon reaching Lv 10 (or maybe when you put the first point on the ult) the model will change with 2 different model based on the stance:

- Bow Stance (Yang) :

- his armor will upgrade and become white with small black sphere on shoulders, wrists and feet. ( http://imgur.com/c5yF0KS ) (cause in the YinYang symbol there is a small black part in the yang. representing the yin and vice versa)
- he will use a white bow with small black details (i ve mode more than 1 concept for the bows ( http://imgur.com/w8RYPCz )
- the left side of his face will be covered with a white yokai mask (or maybe a full mask, covering all his face... but since the model can change.... i think that's more cool if the mask will change too !) ( http://imgur.com/NSqZEAF ) (you can already see the white mask in the armor model ! )
- he will shoot white arrows covered with black flames!

- Axe Stance (Yin) :

- his armor will be black with small orbs on his shoulder, wrists and feet. ( http://imgur.com/n5CcmUy )
- he will use a black weapon with white a white circle on it. (i ve made more than 1 concept for weapons http://imgur.com/9agivWT ) (if the model will have C or D weapon... than the phase 1 skin can have katana/wakizashi/tanto as weapon instead of the bokken)
- the right side of his face will be covered whit a black yokai mask (half mask just like the yang stance ! http://imgur.com/NSqZEAF you can see the half mask on the right side of the face in the armor model too!)
- the AA animation will be white like the edge of the weapon.

- hair ( http://imgur.com/9qmcMnc ) he will have the white hair ( the left drawing) in the yang stance, while in the yin stance he will have black hair (right drawing!)
- on both stance he will have the half part of the yin yang symbol which represent the current stance floating on his back. (http://imgur.com/Q5aTnOP) during the yang stance he ll have the white part of the symbol and, when he changes stance, that will rotate and become black (black part of the symbol!)


- from bow and axe stance will have these changes: the symbol on the back rotating and changin color; the mask will swap the color, the mouth (the 2 masks have different mouth ! ) and the side of the face; armor colors; hair; and ofc weapons!
- he will have 1 weapon actually. his weapon will change based on the stance. during the bow stance the black weapon (of the yin stance) will change and become the white bow. same goes for the Axe stance: the white bow will change into the black axe/sword !!! he wont have the white bow during the yin stance. the weapon is granted from the stance and change based on it! (in order to not have a white Yang weapon during the Yin stance!!)

i think that having another T5 that only changes as you progress with the level will be a bit boring... expecially on ullr that can make use of the 2 stance! at the same time i like the "ehy i leveled up. now i ll have the cool model!" part of the T5 skins.... so i ve make this concept in order to have both things !

i really enjoyed making this concept ! i hope you enjoy this too !