View Full Version : Skadi T5 Lore Skin

06-05-2017, 02:17 AM
Skadi has been my go-to character since the beginning, so I would LOVE to see her get the T-5 skin. I've done some research on her lore and think it would be cool to adapt it into a kick butt skin.

Phase 1: (as skadi is out for retribution after her fathers death) - She is clothed in an animal fur short dress with fur boots, leather corded belt and wrist bands, and a puppy version of Kaldr follows her. Her spear is a basic jagged rock with fur and feather decorations.

Phase 2: (as Skadi is married to Niord - the god of summer (who apparenly lived near the sea)). Skadi is wearing a water inspired costume (teal and white) where her spear has trident qualities with pointed coral forks. Kaldr is a bit bigger and is given shell armour.

Phase 3: (as Skadi returns to the Mountains) - Similar to her water costume - alternate colours and changes to mountain theme - green, brown and white colours (returning to the snow covered mountains), the spear is still a trident but has jagged rocks (instead of coral). Kaldr has alternate colours and the shell armour has changed to rock.

Phase 4: (as Skadi prepares for the war of the Pantheons) - Skadi has an "amazoness queen" themed costume. Full breastplate armour with leather panneled skirt. She has a wolf pelt full-lenth cape with arm slits and wears a wolf circlet. The spear is an ice form of a norse wolf knot. Kaldr is full grown with ice armour.

Illustratons to come later - I just wanted to put the idea out there and see opinions. Please feel free to build on ideas, make changes or give feedback!