View Full Version : (Skadi)Grease Mechanic

06-04-2017, 09:18 PM
A concept of Skadi being a robotic/ mechanic engineer.

1st tier. She wears jean overalls that are tied off around her waist. She wears a white tank top and has a cog necklace. There is oil and dirt on her cloths/person. She wears leather boots and has a twin ponytail. Her weapon is a wrench, her one is a static wrench that causes a yellow electric effect to those hit. Her two is a Blueprint version of A.C.E(Kaldir). Her 3 is an oil slick that coats the ground in oil. Her ult is an Electric Discharge that radiates from her and ACE(think Plasma globe).
1st tier A.C.E(Automata Canine Experiment) Is a wolf head with two legs on ether side. It attacks as normal when in ghost form is a blueprint version of himself.

2nd tier Skadi, she now has gloves and wears goggles on her head. Her weapon is now a Self Rebuilding harpoon gun that she carries at her hip. Everything is the same as above.
2nd tier ACE now has hind legs but is still crude in design and looks incomplete. His lunge attack now has rocket effects off of his feet.

3rd tier Skadi, her overalls are up but open in the front, and her goggles are down she has more grease and dirt on her cloths. Her weapon is now shown as a Self Rebuilding Chain Rocket Propelled Harpoon Gun with 6 barrels(Basically a chain gun but with harpoon tips sticking out). On her overalls are buttons like cogs, Kappachino coffee, various other decorative pieces.
3rd tier ACE, now looks like a fully robotic dog, with smooth plates and everything. Still has the rocket feet though.

Tell me what you think?