View Full Version : A Demon Rises (Skadi)

06-04-2017, 07:48 PM
So ive had this idea about skadi's T5 skin. I have called it "A Demon Rises."

At the start of the game Skadi starts off as a young girl dressed in dirty robes and uses a stick as a weapon. The dog looks satanic with cuts and scars and red eyes and teeth.

when skadi hits level 10 she grows up, this means she grows taller and uses a staff as a weapon. Her clothes grow longer and she looks more religious, the dog grows bigger and more demonised.

when she hits level 15 she grows older and yet looks more like a satanist and begins to float in the air and grows small horns. The dog grows an extra head and becomes shoulder hight too skadi.

When Skadi finaly levels up to 20 she grows wings (like thanatos) and is lifted in the air more, she grows larger horns and carrys a massive staff, the dog grows another head and becomes much larger,
this woild be her final form until the game ended.

thanks for reading my idea