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06-04-2017, 07:17 PM
I'm going to reference the Monster Hunter series of video games, MH3U in particular, for this skin concept but it doesn't have to be any sort of promotion because it isn't directly ripping off from it, just sharing a design aspect.

The main idea for the skin is that it doesn't level up with levels or with ult, but rather your item build. At the start of the game you have no items and will wear a basic set of leather armor, similar to how you start the game in Monster Hunter. How I would have this work is there are three different progression paths for the skin, crit, power, and attack speed. Depending on how you build Hou Yi you'll get a different skin. So for instance, at 20% crit chance or higher you'll have the first form of the crit skin and at 40% or higher you'll get the second and final form to the crit skin. For power it could be once you reach 100 power you'll unlock the first form of the power skin, the second form unlocks when you have 200 power or more. For attack speed, 1.3 attack speed is the minimum for the unlock of the first form and at 1.7 you'll unlock the upgrade. The numbers are subjected to change obviously, but the idea is that depending on how your build is done you can unlock 1, 2, or 3 of the different skins.

Now there are a few problems I can think of with this skin concept, and I'll try to address some of them now.

So let's say your build is Warrior Tabi, Winged Blade, and Jotunn's Wrath. If you buy Wind Demon you'll unlock the tier one version of each skin, which skin do you get? To solve this problem, I'd put an order of superiority between the skins, so the order is crit, power, as. If you unlock both power and attack speed at the same time, you get power. If you get power and crit, you get crit. What happens if you sell an item and you lose the stats required for a certain skin? Once you unlock a skin it's permanent, even if you lose the stats. What if I only like 1 of the skins but I unlock the other one? For this one I figured now would be the time to include his special emote, I mean, of course a tier 5 skin will have a custom emote. So, Hou Yi throws his bow up into the air and does a spin, poof there is a smoke cloud surrounding Hou Yi, the smoke clears and Hou Yi is in the other skin as he catches his bow. This can use the order from before as well, so attack speed turns into power, power turns into crit, and crit turns into attack speed. If you don't have a form unlocked it just skips and goes to the next form. What happens if you don't build any items/don't build power,crit, or attack speed? Well, I wasn't really sure what to do about this. You'd just be left with leather armor, which isn't really tier 5 material. The best solution I could think of would be at level 20 if you don't have any items or don't meet any requirements you'd receive a minor upgrade to the basic armor set, similar to how the Hunter's Armor looks. Okay, now that all of the rambling is out of the way we can talk about the designs.

For the Power Skin I was thinking something more natural looking but still rough and dangerous. The first skin I thought should look similar to the Jaggi Armor set, so be made of dragon/dinosaur hide.

To upgrade that skin I figure it's simple enough to move to another bigger monster and use it's armor. So the something resembling the Rathian/Rathalos armor set would be great.


In Smite, all of the crit items are man-made weapons like swords and shurikens. So for the Crit Skin it should be a man-made suit of steel armor. Stage one would look similar to the Chainmail Armor set.

The upgrade then has to be a more grandeur version of that skin, perhaps the Ingot Armor set.


The Attack Speed Skin was probably the hardest for me to come up with because I want to separate it from the other two as best I can. The base version of the attack speed skin will be based off of the Bnahabra Armor set.
So the attack speed skin is going to a more modern, fashionable skin, and the upgrade to this would the upgrade would be something based on the Wroggi Armor or the Guild Bard Armor.

This would be what the skin at the beginning of the game would like at the beginning of the game and at Level 20 if you didn't meet any requirements.


Hou Yi's bow and quiver would obviously be based off each skin respectively, and in regards to ability animations, the main difference between the different versions will be coloring. the base skin will have yellow ricochet/sunbreaker. The power skin has the arrow lit on fire and has a dragonhead on the front, similar to how in Smash Brothers Captain Falcon's facon punch forms a falcon with fire. The fire becomes more intense in the upgraded form and explodes on contact. Power form Sunbreaker has meteors falling down burning a bright red and leaves the ground slightly scorched. When upgraded, the meteors burn more intensely and the ground remains scorched for a short period of time after using sunbreaker. The Crit version of ricochet will be a blue arrow coated in electricity. The upgraded skin will have more intense electricity and when it hits a target they are covered in static for a second. Sunbreaker will have cannon shots bursting down from the air, and when upgraded the explosions become more intense. Lastly, his Attack speed form will have a ricochet where the arrow is emitting purple energy that becomes more intense in the upgraded version. For Sunbreaker it will shoot purple energy balls that, once again, become more intense upon upgrading.

I'm not entirely sure on abilities so these can change I just felt like I should have something to present. The reason I excluded his mark and divebomb is because divebomb is pretty simple and I have an idea for the mark. The mark would be the crosshair, as if Hou Yi has marked you. This can tie back into monster hunter because when hunting as a gunner you use a similar crosshair.

Lastly, I had one more special idea to make the skin more unique, custom damage text. Since his three forms revolve around dealing different types of damage, I think it'd be cool to have custom damage numbers come up. So when Hou Yi crits someone in the crit skin it displays a custom damage number rather than the normal white text outlined in red blood. Damage form can have custom damage numbers when hitting abilities, and Attack Speed form can have custom numbers when hitting regular basic attacks.

That's all I really have to say about the skin concept. I wish I could have drawn something to better illustrate what I had in mind so this will have to do. Thanks for reading through all my text and please give any sort of feedback down below. This is my first time posting a skin concept so I want to see what people think.