View Full Version : Dragon Queen Skadi T5 Concept

06-04-2017, 06:51 PM

Link to artwork with terrible quality.

In this skin, Skadi is a simple dragon tamer with an egg. At the start of the match, the egg hatches and dragon Kaldr is created. The appearance of dragon Kaldr changes as Skadi levels him, increasing his size as he grows older and changing his appearance. This happens with her other 3 abilities as well. When Skadi maxes out an ability, her appearance is altered depending on the ability maxed. At level 20 with all abilities maxed out, she is dressed as the dragon Queen with a huge adult dragon Kaldr by her side.

This part is not necessary however since maxed out Kaldr would be huge, a nice addition would be Skadi riding Kaldr around when she is out of combat.

06-20-2017, 05:33 AM
There are a lot of dragon themed skins this time around. A lot of people just overlook the concepts thinking it's copy-paste or whatever, but it's a mistake. Even if the theme of the concept isn't unique, the ideas in the concept itself can be. The drawings look nice and it's quite easy to see what was meant to be shown. And the gradual showcase and explanation of the concept is well done too. There is only one thing, there could be little connection to her original lore, but I said it before, gods can change. Say, Skadi stumbles upon a dragon egg and decides to take care of it so that she can have a powerful companion. Seeing as it most certainly paid out, she wanted to delve into more draconic and magical stuff, gaining more knowledge and power and eventually becoming the dragon queen (goddess) and no longer a goddess of winter. So there could be some workaround with the lore like that. In my opinion this is a concept deserving of attention.