View Full Version : Prehistoric Ullr and Snake ascension Medusa

06-04-2017, 03:34 PM
Hi gods, goddesses and other supernatural beings, here are my ideas for the 2018 T5 Odissey skin (Pics coming soon)
Prehistoric Ullr:
Ullr will be wearing his underwear from level 1, bracelets and boots made of leather will be added at level 6, chest clothes and trousers at level 11 and a bear skin as hoodie and a cloak made of fur at level 16.
I'm thinking that instead of a bow and axes he could carry a spear and a pair of axes made of stick and stones (To break some bones), but it could be confusing as of there's also Odin with this bear and spear, so I dunno
Also, when the match begins, he could start making fire or something like that

Snake ascension Medusa
I'm thinking on a Egiptyan-looking Medusa, which will slowly become bigger and more Apofis look-alike
At level 1 it will the Medusa we all know, but with a yellow tone, wearing a funny pharaoh hat and her mask will be more like a snake, at level 6, she will develope spikes all the way through her body and her tail will be like the one of a rattlesnake, at level 11, she will look like a cobra, with a darker skin than before, and finally, she'll be more like Apofis

What do you think? :D