View Full Version : Astral Guardian Skadi

06-04-2017, 03:07 PM
This is my first ever thread so lets hope I don't mess up...
I used the Skadi Template to create a futuristic space theme to expand on the theme for the Agni, Medusa and Sol skins recently received. But I also drew inspiration from Athena's cop skins.


The purple are supposed to be Galaxy and glass like while the light grey is more Metallic.
(A part of the design above I forgot to add was a possible belt with a gun or something like that on it to add detail)

As she levels, she starts to peel away the armour and, eventually, becomes a celestial constellation. Same with Kaldr. She could have long hair that flows into multiple galaxies and constellations of stars.
Her abilities would become more and more gaseous. As for an ult, Kaldr and Skadi would become black holes. Her permafrost could create a galaxy with stars you could walk through.
As for basic attacks, I was thinking she could throw shooting stars or asteroids/meteors with a tail of debris behind them.
I also believe that a slowed down walking animation, similar to some of Agni's skins, would give the feeling that she is really out of this world.

I hope its okay.

Another inspiration is the Lady of the Lore announcer pack thumbnail.
I liked the concept it gave, even for just being a thumbnail for a character you never see. And I especially believe it would make for a beautiful skin.