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06-04-2017, 03:04 PM

There is a substance in every living thing called Chronium that allows every thing to progress in time.The leaves changing colours and falling down,every living thing being born,growing up and eventually dying.Skadi was a scientist researching Cronium and Kaldr was her loyal dog.She managed to extract a huge ammount of Chronium from experiments and created a crystal that allows her to travel between space and time.Now she wanders in the ages gaining knowledge helping her become more powerfull and smart so she can prevails in the Battleground of the Gods.

Skadi can change between 8 ages gaininga different outfit,skill effects and Kaldr appearence for each era.

How to change eras:
1)Killing 50 minions changes the age to the next one.
2)Getting and objective kill(BDK,Apophis,Gold Fury,Gire Giant,Juggernaughts,Towers and Phoenixs) changes her age to the next one.
3)Getting a Triple,Quadra or Pentakill ups her age to the next one.
4)Getting 5 kills or 10 assists ups her era by one.
5)Using her ultimate teleports her to the next era.
6)Dying throws her back by one era.

Her ultimate does not change animation but reamins the same during all ages.It becomes a Portal that opens beneath her and Kaldr,maybe purple of red and by the end of its duration it teleports them to the next era.Only in the final era it changes!


Prehistoric Era
It's the default era and the first one that Skadi begins the game with.She can't go before it by dying as this form.
Her appearence would be a prehistoric woman with bones and skin.Take as an example Primal Huntress Artemis.Her spears would be stone ones.
Winter's Garsp is a spear she shoots forward that leaves a trail of bones.Kaldr would be a dinosaur propably a raptor for me seems the best.Permafrost would be a small swamp with some plants and and green water.

Ancient Egypt[/COLOR]
Skadi would be dressed as an Egyptian princess or take inspiration of other Egyptian gods!
Hes spears would be golden staffs.Her Winter's Garsp could be a staff that leaves behind a trail of sand.Kaldr could either be a Jackal or a cat like Bastet's ones.Permafrost would be a pit of sinking sand.

Ancient Rome
Skadi would be dressed as a Roman gladiator and throw pillums.Winter's Garsp is a trident that leaves a trail of blood.Kaldr would be a Hyena(because of the importanceof the animal in ancient Rome).Permafrost could be a pool of tartar or a net like the gladiators had.

Medieval Era
Skadi would have a knight's armor and throw normal spears.Winter's Garsp could be a flaming spear and leave a trail of fire behind.Kaldr could be a lion,black wolf,bear or a small wyvern to make it a bit more fantasy style.Permafrost is a spoil of oil or wine or anything you like.

Age of Pirates
Skadi would have been dressed as a pirate that thows harpoons.Winter's Garsp is a cannonball shot that leaves a line of smoke behind it.Kaldr could be any tropical animal like a tiger or a Comodo Dragon(hope I spelled it right).Permafrost could be a pool of water.

Wild West
Skadi could be a cowgirl that shoots from her revolvers.Winter's Garsp is a powerful gunshot that has a firey effect on it.I'd love to see Kaldr as a giant Eagle in her side.Permafrost could be a saloon stage or a field of cactus.

Skadi is a disco babe that has a suit similar to Afrodite and shoots microphones.Winter's Garsp shoots a microphone stand that leaves a line of notes behind it.Kaldr could be a French Puddle with strange accessories and haircuts.Permafrost is a disco stage with lighting and even a disco ball.

Far Future
Skadi is a space/robot/cyborg that shoots electrical staffs.Winter's Garsp is a comet that leaves a line of dark matter behind it.Kaldr could be a vicious robotic beast.Permafrost is a electeic terrain that sparkles shoots lighting and neon lights!Her Ultimate clould change into a black hole that does damage with the form of blackening the enemies.

Here ends my Concept for the T5 skin I think Skadi should have.I know that there are a lot of eras and it could be really hard to work on them all but I give Hirez my appreciation if they manage to do them all.Also I could be happy to hear your suggestions and critic in the comments below.Also this concept took me about 1 hour to write it on a PS Vita because my PC sucks while I had to read for my finals.So I am ready to hear your critic and review.