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06-04-2017, 01:31 PM
In a world where Medusa still has her renowned beautiful human form with her long golden hair and was still the most devout and loyal priestess of Athena, thus instead she gained Athena's blessings! a blessing where she can turn her lower body to a white serpent tail and while still having her upper body as normal human.

Stage1: Medusa in human form wearing a short white greek dress, and her long golden hair is put in a ponytail , using a normal bow as her weapon. Viper shot: using a poison on her arrows, Acid spray: throwing a glass bottle that contains acid that breaks on the first enemy it hits, Lacerate: is her running at first then sliding on ground.

Stage2: She shouts *Athena guide me* . now she carries an ancient magical book on her waist belt. her dress has slight changes and her hair is no longer ponytail rather slicked back with a crown and a red flower. all abilities are same. Petrify: she reads a spell on her book then puts the book forth and the spell magically comes out and they are turned to stone with glitter around them.

Stage3: She shouts *Athena I need you* . now her lower body is turned to a white serpent tail , slight dress changes with changes on her bow as well becomes bigger and changes details

stage4: She shouts *Athena lend me strength* now to her final form where her dress changes and is longer and her golden hair is more longer and changes to her bow to fit her final form.

thank you for reading! :D I wish I could draw good so you guys could see what's in my mind.

Hopefully you guys like it! I would probably update later

06-07-2017, 05:44 PM
would love to hear your suggestions guys :D

06-07-2017, 05:54 PM
Very aweseome idea but.....awww man more human medusa ideas? Is there no one that can make another idea without medusa being a human or have something to do with her lore?