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06-04-2017, 01:13 PM
First Stage: jing wei is an nail shooting little girl with a welding mask with torn wings have messy hair and dirty clothes and having a rusty iron crosbow.

Second Stage:Jing wei has an full iron helmet with curly hair and normal but dusty clother like if she was like living in the desert having a self made iron crosbow. and wings getting better

Third Stage: jing wei has now a simple iron full helmet and her pony tails sticking out and having spiky shoulder guards and iron belt and spiky boots, an dangerous serpent looking crosbow shooting arrows made from bones. and fully restored wings

Fourth Stage: Jing Wei is now a full beast having iron helmet with iron pony tials red eyes, and iron scaled wings and knight like armour with a crosbow in shape of a dragon shooting red hot pointy arrows, and has smoke comming from different parts of the body with red hot metal.

keeps getting a more devil-ish voice the further she evolves from:
1 rock singer like
2 heavy metal singer like
3 demon like
4 devil like

concept i want to be a bit mad-max looking. and like dusty but not to new looking.

soccer slayer 9
06-05-2017, 11:39 PM
If its mad-max looking im down for this.