View Full Version : Ullr Tier 5 submission: Haunted

06-04-2017, 12:23 PM
My idea is that there are multiple entities living inside Ullr and every entity can take control over the body whenever the player kills someone.

1st entity is Ullr he is a bit naïve and just a regular person.

2nd entity is a ghost who was a serial killer in the past.

3rd entity is a goth girl that just doesn't care about anything.

4th entity is a nerd that is afraid of everything.

One of these entities takes control over Ullr whenever he kills someone. They all would have diffrent interactions with eachother whenever they change entities. Also upon going back to base Ullr's model get's changed to accomodate the new entity living there.

Interactions when you switch (top is what entity you currently are and the side is what you change into):

Ullr: just some other clothes.

Serial killer: blood stained clothes. Red effects on abilities.

Goth girl: wears everything in black with some black make up. Black effects on abilities. Axes become two knifes.

Nerd: wears classes, a vest and brown pants. White effects on abilities. The axe becomes a book and the bow and arrow becomes a toy pistol.

I hope you like my idea and feel free to suggest things. :)