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06-04-2017, 12:10 PM
Sportsman Ullr
So, the concept was inspired by Ullr's history and meaning nowadays, it's pretty basic so far, but everyone: feel free to leave some more ideas or feedback to this skin idea! Sportsman is a 3 staged skin starting off from a simple or rather poor person who's transforming into a more professional (fully equipped) skier / hunter, who will eventually become a futuristic cyborg.

Stage 1
He'll start as a poor hobby skier with 2 planks for movement (new animation required where he's constantly getting speed) and a slingshot + sharpened rocks on sticks for hunting. He may has some torn, dirty clothes. His 1 doesn't really look different from the original skin. His 2 (in his axe stance) could be some kind of constant gliding, like he's skiing downhill. His 3 (in his bow stance) is a small snowball falling from the sky.

Stage 2
Now he's wearing some professional skiing clothes, 2 axes and an olympics inspired bow. The only noticable change from his skills is his 3 in each stance. In his axe stance, he performs a random trick mid air while leaping to his target. In his bow stance, the snowball either could grow bigger or it is an arrow again.

Stage 3
Finally, Ullr becomes a futuristic cyborg. He is armed with a lasershooting gun, rather than a bow and 2 axe like melee weapons made out of plasma(-ish stuff). Hes walking constantly, but upon activating his 2 (in his axe stance), laser fields spawn below his feet to ease his movement. While leaping during his 3 (in his axe stance), he is flying with either some kind of jetpack or rocket boots.

I hope you can tolerate my imperfect english, also feel free to leave some feedback!

06-05-2017, 09:31 AM
ski skin i like