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06-04-2017, 10:52 AM
Mother Of Dragons Skadi
(See if Kaldr is present before the 2 is upgraded)

This will be an extremely detailed skin and will have new concepts. I will do my best to organize it to maximize the understanding and visualization of the mother of dragons. Note I am not an amazing artist, however, I hope my words will properly convey my ideas.
I feel that this skin should be the next tier 5 skin because of the dynamic changes and because it demonstrates a new concept (change in appearance through leveling of abilities.)
this also has a lore of its own. and yes, I am aware of the similarities with a certain tv show, that is definitely where the inspiration is drawn from. This skin is dynamic, which means that many visual aspects of the skin will change as skadi levels up or as her abilities are leveled.

Skadi (note that I am unsure of how skadis model should look to maximize the feel of a tier 5 skin, so this section is completely subject to change.):
At her early levels (1-4), Skadi will be dressed in a simple tunic with her hair down, very slightly messy. She will also not have completely clear skin but it is not necessarily dirty. She is also not wearing shoes. Note that Skadi will not have a weapon! I will explain why later.
At levels 5-9, Skadis hair is more clean and straight. Her clothes are now a white upper class dress, her eyes now glow a very slight red. She does not wear shones and the found is smokey wherever she walks.
At levels 10-14, Skadi now wears a dark, lightweight metal chest plate with leather underneath. She wears leather boots with metal shins. Her eyes have a light flame, barely noticeable. small flames trail the found where she walks.
At levels 15-20, Skadi has on full heavy Nordic battle armor. (Or maybe she has a white cloth drawn across her like Nu Wa. If this were the case then her skin should also be slightly crisp. I think this may be a better option as it gives the feel that she has become one with her dragons. It also gives her a”queenly” feel.) Flames crawl across her skin and her eyes are a deep fire. Her steps leave the ground burning behind her when she walks. When skadi is in this level threshold and kaldr ults, she should be engulfed in flames. This helps show that she is not just a girl with dragons but instead turkey the mother of dragons.

Basic attacks:
One of Skadi she dragons, which I will refer to as basic dragon, will shoot basic attacks for Skadi. This dragon will stay on skadis wrist so as to imitate a basic attack. As Skadis 1 is upgraded, basic dragon will grow in size. While this dragon is little, it will shoot tiny fireballs, making a "puff" sound. As the dragon grows bigger through upgrading Skadis 1, it will shoot increasingly large fireballs for Skadis basic attack, which will maybe at max level turn into a fire breath by this now large dragon.
Ability one (piercing cold): the basic dragon, which shoots Skadis basics, will also be designated for Skadis 1st ability as well. This ability will be shot from the dragon's mouth. It will be a straight line of fire and, similar to her basic attacks, will grow progressively stronger depending on the level of Skadi's first ability. It should start as small streak of fire, spit from the dragon's mouth, and at max to be a large burst of flame with extreme power shot at the target, crisping the ground with the intense heat, which then reacts on impact with the target with a small explosion.

Ability two (rune of the hunt): Kaldr is now a dragon. He is the largest of the three and unlike the others will crawl on the ground. Kaldr's wing will be closed most of the time. instead of Kaldr becoming partially invisible when defeated, he will only become visibly tired, his head drooped. When the 2nd ability is activated, Kaldr stomps over to the target and bites them, similar to the normal Kaldr. At a higher level, his bites will drip with fire. Just like the other dragons, Kaldr will grow in size and intimidation with the level up of this ability.

Ability three (permafrost): Skadis third dragon, which will be referred to as wind dragon, is used for the ability. This dragon will grow in size with level up of this ability. Passively the dragon will either rest on Skadis shoulder or fly around her. Because Skadi now focuses on fire, it is very inconvenient for Skadis 3rd ability to be a patch of ice. As a result, this ability is now a patch of wins that blows gods in whichever direction. When this ability is used, the wind dragon quickly darts over to the area and flaps its wings to generate gusts of wind. (Because the ability is nearly instantaneous, the dragon must fly to the area her get quick. It may be better to have the dragon get to the area immediately and just leave a trail of wind to the position. As this ability is leveled the gust of wind will appear stronger. At max level there should be a whirlwind in the area.

Ability four (winters grasp): Skadis 4th ability is performed by Kaldr. As the ability is leveled, it will appear stronger. At lower levels there will be a small whirlwind of fire surrounding Kaldr. As the ability Is leveled the flame is more dense and stronger. At max level however, Kaldr is immediately engulfed in flames, but a circle of dark clouds quickly gather in the sky above Kaldr. A large beam of flame shoots down down through the center of the clouds very quickly and engulfs Kaldr in a giant vortex of fire. Because this ability activates almost instantaneously, Kaldr needs to be surrounded by fire instantly, but the clouds should develop very quickly (either instantly or in 0.1 seconds), and the beam of fire should be shot from the clouds very quickly. In order to demonstrate the power of the beam of fire is must be extremely fast and have some sort of reaction when it collides with Kaldr.

Taunt/idle/etc. animations:
When Skadi enters the battlefield, she will be seen tending to 3 eggs. After a short period of time, to her surprise and delight, ONLY ONE of her eggs will hatch into a dragon at first. This will be the basic dragon. She will then put the other two eggs in a sack. This sack will disapeer for convenience. Once Skadi upgrades her 2 or her 3, the respective dragons will be born. Skadi again will show delight when this should happen.
When Skadi is not attacking, the basic dragon, wind dragon, and Kaldr will walk with Skadi and will obviously not be targetable. This should be done similar to erlangs dog. When in attack stance, which will be entered through using abilities or basic attacks, these two dragons will fly around Skadi.
Ideas for idle animations: the two smaller dragons snip at each other a little, then one of the dragons will tackle the other, rolling shortly. After a short period of rough housing Skadi calls the dragons back over.
Kald nuzzles Skadis hand, she proceeds to pet him while the other two dragons move to grind up against Skadis leg, the likes of cats.
When skadi tells a joke, the dragons look at her and then let out a wheezy laugh, maybe one of them accidentally burps a little fire, now looking embarrassed.
When skadi taunts, the basic and wind dragon, if available, flank skadi in the air and with kaldr, roar at the directions skadi is facing. Skadi does not make movements, she stands still giving a menacing look.

06-05-2017, 03:08 PM
Now that I think of it this idea is very complicated, maybe too complicated. It would also work if skadi only has kaldr as a dragon. She would shoot a normal obsidian spear at her early levels (her 1st ability a line of fire). At higher levels, this spear would be completely molten lava. I am not sure what her ice patch would be though.

Please comment with which ide you would like better and suggestions for her 3rd ability.