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06-04-2017, 06:23 AM
Hello Guys ,

My idea is of a progressive skin for Jing Wei which includes 3 Elements and a mega form in the end, combining 2 out of 3 elements.

This will be the fire element's domain.
Jing Wei's wings will be made of fire. All of her KIT will have an orange re-colour except for Rapid Reincarnation and Explosive bolts.
The passive when flying she will leave a fire trail in the air, while the second ability will shoot fire balls at the enemy.
All other abilities will have the theme of fire , but mainly re-color not some special design.
The Auto attacks will be small fire attacks, nothing giant
The ultimate will be Jing Wei shooting big fire balls , flying over a lava field.

When reached level 5 she will go through a watery transformation. She will keep the Fire wings and her 2nd Ability will still shoot fire balls . The change will happen to her 3rd ability - Agility. When used , she will become a wave of water or there will be water animations. The passive will leave a trail of water and fire in the air.
The auto attacks will have fire and water elements combined in them. The dress as well will have water/ocean elements on it.
The ultimate will be her , shooting water balls on a ocean themed field , or just make the bottom part of the ult like a sea.

On level 10 she will learn the Lighting element. No change on wings and dress , only her hair will start emiting lighting and her bow will have some lightings on the edges. The auto attacks will combine the 3 elements. Her first ability - Persistent Gust will be a small tornado with lightnings in it. The passive will leave a trail of water fire and air , when used.
The ultimate will be Jing wei shooting big lighting bolts on a field of clouds/mist/lighting.

On level 15 the player will have the ability to combine 2 of the elements and create a new element. We will call it Ascension.

water-fire - She will ascend to a Nature elemental - Full body , dress, bow, wings , hair will get nature elements on it . Wooden bow, vines , flowers , tree skin. The wings can be angelic or a butter fly (Think of Choji's wings from Naruto) Abilities will be also inspired by nature. For example the 1 will be thorns and vines in the base with a breeze for the air part with leaves flying around it. Ultimate will be on a field of grass/wood/ thorns shooting green colored bolts of energy and leaving leaves and polen in the air ( Think of sylvanus 1st asbility).

Water+Ligthning - Jing Wei will ascend to a Ice elemental - Again everything will be with ice theme , wings - think of Bleach's Toshiro and his bankai ( hard anime fan , i know.. ) . The 1st ability can look like a glacial geyser . The ultimate will make her shoot Ice bolts during a blizzard field.The 2nd ability will be ice bolts surrounded by snowflake elements and when hitting the enemy player, snowflake particles will stay in him for 1 second

Fire+ Lighting - Light Elemental - Angelic wings ( 4 parts wings ), Light elements on everything but the skin - will remain humanoid , but all other parts will have light particles i.e shining bright. The ultimate will be shooting light balls on a field of either heavenly clouds or just pure light.

06-04-2017, 07:33 AM
Well she is elementalist lux... It would be an ice idea tho

soccer slayer 9
06-05-2017, 11:47 PM
I like this skin concept, one of my favorites. Also it would be cool if what dictates what form you'll take in the final stage would be how and with which ability you got the god/minion kill to reach lvl 15.