View Full Version : Wyvern Medusa (Medusa T5 skin idea)

06-04-2017, 05:37 AM
So, for this Medusa skin idea, I was thinking a wyvern, as those types of dragons don't have hind legs, but just a slithering tail, like Medusa.

She has 3 different stages.

stage 1 (lvl. 1 - 4) makes her look like a regular Medusa, but with red scales instead of green, and without her bow and with small, usless wings on her arms. Her basic attacks would be her shooting fireballs from her mouth. Her 1 would be that her mouth is glowing red, with the next basic attacks being larger fireballs with glowing effects. Her 2 will be a spray of fire from her mouth that burns enemies, and her 3 makes her slither on the ground like in her regular skin.

Stage 2 (lvl. 5 - 11) she has her ultimate. She would now look more like a wyvern, getting a bit larger, her wings now also growing and working properly, and her now walking on her arms. Her basic attacks would still be fireballs from her mouth, but they now have a green glow in them. Her 1 would make her mouth glow, and the basic attacks appear as large fireballs with black smoke behind them. Her 2 is still the flame spray, but it has a green glint in it. Her 3 makes her jump in the air and fly forewards. Her ultimate makes her smash the ground with her arms that shakes the ground, stunning or slowing enemies hit.

Stage 3 (lvl. 12 - 20) has her wings grow bigger, her tail spurting green spikes as with her back, her growing green horns and showing her teeth and a dragon head. Her basic attacks are now fireballs with more green. Her 1 makes smoke come from her mouth, and the attacks are black fireballs with black smoke. Her 2 makes her breath black flames with a green glow. Her 3 causes her to glide through the air with her wings and her ultimate causes her to smash her claws into the ground, causing black flames to erupt from the ground.

Yesterday I made another Medusa T5 skin, the Junkyard Medusa, but that didn't cut it for me, so I made another, and I'm really happy with it (if only I could draw this), and I hope others are to :)

06-05-2017, 09:34 AM
funny, i already suggested xenomorph skin for medusa, this could work for her really she could have queen form as final :D

06-05-2017, 10:33 AM
sounds like 2 many diffrent animations.