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06-04-2017, 04:59 AM
Hou Yi was just a simple hunter when one day he was suddenly hit by a lightning strike. There he was awakened the power to control lightning.

1st form.
When getting hit with lightning. His shirt ripped apart. He now only wear pants with lightning strike scars on his left arm. Doesn't wear mask yet. He wields a slightly charred bow. He can conjure up simple light yellow energy arrows.

First ability: Shoots light yellow bouncing arrow. Isn't normal size yet. Doesn't have lots of effects.

Second skill: Normal lightning style mark. Not elaborate. Have like a electrical
spark chase the enemy.

Third skill: Clunky jump up. Holding the bow with two hands.

2nd form:
When adventuring, Hou Yi founds a chest in the middle of an open plain. When he went and open the chest, he got hit by a second lightning strike. This lightning strike give him simple lightning based armour. The armour isn't that elaborate yet. His bow now looks like it's enchanted with lightning magic. The energy construct looks more elaborate. Have some small sparks.

First skill: Shoots light yellow bouncing arrow. Make it bigger than the 1st form. Add lightning sparks.

Second skill: More elaborate lightning style mark. Have a snake like animal chase the enemy.

Third skill: Not a clunky jump up. Still holding the bow with two hands.

Fourth skill: Small lighting strikes.

3rd form:
Using his newly found skills, Hou Yi went to hunt a legendary dragon living in the top of a mountain. The dragon is considered by many to be the Lord of Thunder. Ruler of the land. The mountain is constantly surrounded by a dark clouds and thunder could be heard even from afar. After climbing up and meeting the dragon, he was defeated. He beg the dragon to be his master. The dragon accepted. He now wears elaborate armour and also wear 1 eye mask. The armour now slightly follow a dragon motif while still following the lightning style motif. You could say a lightning dragon motif. Bow have some kind of dragon head in the middle. Arrows now are fully constructed lightning arrows.

First skill: Shoots lightning bouncing arrow. Blast make it look more like lightning.

Second skill: Marks become more dragon like. Have a small dragon chase the enemy.

Third skill: Confident jump up. Holding the bow with one hand.

Fourth skill: Big lighting strikes.

4th form:
After years training under the dragon he finally masters everything the dragon have to offer. His skills have even surpassed his master. Now the dragon retires and gave him the title of Thunder Lord. His skin now radiate lightning and he also wears a 2 eye mask. Sparks coming out through the gap of his armour. He looks like living energy. His armour is in full lightning dragon motif. When walking he makes lightning streaks. Bow is elaborate and dragon like with lightning sparks around it. Arrows are lightning bolt covered in some kind of metal shielding. Sparks coming out of the arrows looks like it is overflowing.

First skill: Shoots out bouncing lightning.

Second skill: Marks is like a dragon head. Have a dragon chase the enemy and make it
looks like wrapping around him.

Third skill: Not a jump up. Teleporting using streaks of lightning up into the air. Holding the bow with
one hand.

Fourth skill: Big lighting strikes. Have some kind of dragon coming down devouring the enemy from above.

If I have time later on I'll try to add pictures.