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06-04-2017, 04:51 AM
I was trying to think what makes ullr fun to play, hes one of my favorite hunters, and it is most definitely his variety of attacks. Who else has a variety of attacks? Fuckin Megaman, one of the greatest video game series of all time starting on the NES. For those unfamiliar with Megaman, and the original NES, this was a time long long ago, before the smart phone, and before even the cordless phone, back when video games were in their adolescence. There was Mario, Duck Hunt, and Megaman. Megaman is a robot created by Dr. Light to fight the evil Dr. Wiley and his crazy robot army. Megaman was no ordinary robot however, Dr. Light was a good man and programmed Megaman to be able to learn, and to love. Every time Megaman defeated one of Dr. Wiley's evil robots he gained the power to use their ability. Not only did he gain their power but when he toggled it on to use it his armor would change color. A different color for every ability. Not only that, in his original form he shot bullets out of his fucking cannon that is where his right arm/hand should be. Dude has a fucking cannon for an arm, which is also where the learned abilities would shoot out of. Later with the SNES console came Megaman X. More of the same but this game also came with upgrades for armor and being able to charge the arm cannon and release a monster blast. (some of the later NES Megaman's had this as well, megaman 5 or 6 cant remember)

Anyway, if you cant tell what I'm getting at here, to go along with the robot theme of all the other tier 5 skins:

Ullr Bow auto attack/base form:
Blue Armor no upgrades >leg upgrades level 5>chest upgrade level 10>Blaster/arm upgrade level 15>helm level 20
shoots pellets of energy
looks like a child > grows manlier and with more facial hair every 5 levels along with armor upgrades.

Ullr Axe Form:
all of the same but armor is green
axes have a green lightsaber type glow to them.

Anytime he uses a different ability of his 6 he changes to a different color for set amount of seconds before returning to either blue/bow or green/axe.

Any Megaman fan will get the idea of this, you are all welcome, best skin ever. :cool:

06-04-2017, 05:23 AM