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06-04-2017, 04:01 AM
The following skadi skin is inspired by this image: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/ee/63/99/ee6399eb0384518230bd0271d396c39f.jpg

This image not only gives me a great idea but, in my opinion will make an excellent tier 5 skin for Skadi.
Stage 1: Skadi is not a queen just yet, she has her hair down, pale skin, high boots that go up to her knees, now here is where she is wearing an outfit similar to this http://comicsandmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Sexy-Disney-Princess-Frozen-Elsa-Roshuk.jpg

Stage 2: Skadi is now becoming a queen from here she has developed a crown, this crown has not developed a spike to it yet, this crown is only a prom queen crown with no substance to it. She has developed a cape in this stage.

Stage 3: Skadi, progressing as a ice queen now is wearing a sparkling body suit that fits tightly on her body this would go underneath the outfit I listed in stage 1.

Stage 4: Skadi is now the ice queen, she has developed the sparkling crown with the top listed in the inspired image maybe have her bottom be a gown but since you want the skin to sell, I suggest making Skadi show a little skin making her wear a sexy bikini kind of bottom.

Stage 5: Skadi has now developed her formal gloves, a grown up tiger Kuldr, she's wearing the sexiest gown ever showing a little skin, but leaving it to where she looks professional and ready for the battlefield!

NOTE: Throughout these stages Kuldr is either a husky growing up or a white tiger growing up. Hope you like the idea! Also, have her throw the ice sickles as normal with a cube top instead of a triangular top. Then, once she's in her tier 5 stage she throws the things with her right hand in the picture in stage 1.
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