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06-03-2017, 11:33 PM
So this idea I have for Hou Yi is to go into interest with how he is the Defender of Mankind, but into a more vast meaning. I haven't really settled on a name just yet, as I'm torn between either Cosmic, Universal or Stellar Hunter. The basic idea is that he's the last ditch effort for mankind in protecting Earth. So he's going out there and killing off any threat to Earth. So pretty much all the Star(skins) for the Egyptian pantheon. The cosmic skins for Agni, Sol, He Bo, and alien Ah Puch. Things of that nature.

As for a transformation idea on the skin, if it was to be on a leveling based like Thanatos and Anubis, I'm thinking that as Hou Yi levels up, 5,10,15 he'll get his changes. From level 1-4 he'll just be a standard looking military kind of guy. Camo pants, boots, a shirt/tanktop and on his back some sort of jetpack looking device(will come into effect for the Divebomb skill). The bow could be that of a composite bow like in his Iron Crow or Grim Eclipse skins. With the basic attacks being either arrows or mini RPGs.

Once reaching level 5, his outfit would change some. Maybe like an exoskeleton or sorts attached to his body now while having a different shirt, pants this time. The bow could even get a different look to match with the exoskeleton. Really just minor things for this shift. Kind of like with the previous tier 5 skins. Could even trim the hair up some as for when he reached level 10, well.

At level 10 his look would change completely. Getting some sort of space suit, I was thinking that since out of all the skins for Hou Yi only the Iron Crow and Grim Eclipse skins have a helm or hat that removes his ponytail, we could change that into being a tube connected to his backpack/jetpack for oxygen to be passed to him. The helmet could have a clear visor to still be able to see his face a bit. His bow would have a change and instead of firing off RPGs, maybe it would now shoot laser arrows.

After reaching level 15 his final shift in transformation would be to that he is intended to do. Hunt down any threats to Earth. Going into a future look and being a threat to all the Cosmos. Having a suit of armor made for space travels and a high-tech bow at his hands. His jetpack could maybe have small wings(like a jet). The tube connecting the helmet to his jetpack would be gone as the suit could provide oxygen for him. The basic attack would fire off the lasers still although maybe just a different color.

As for the moves, I'm thinking that they could have a different look with each change in the skin just like Anubis has with his, even the little subtle changes.

For Ricochet in the first two phases of the transformation, it would just be a basic arrow fired from the bow. A little light trail following after it. Maybe a flame if it were the RPG arrows. When in the level 10+ it could be a laser trail, like from Tron or something.

With Mark of the Golden Crow instead of the current symbol, it has, maybe it could be the Omega symbol or something futuristic.

Divebomb would make use of the jetpack for when Hou Yi launches into the air. Having a little flame to boost him up there and maintain him before he actually comes down and impacts the ground. Having a flame spread out from him.

Now for the ult Sunbreaker, I'm thinking to go all out with this one. As has been done for Anubis with the environmental look in the sky, I think to have the sky light up as a night sky with stars, meteor shooting across it, planets, other galaxies and what not out there. Instead of Suns(moons, bombs, plasma spheres, bone cages{what I believe the Hou Ru Kai skin has falling down}). We could have instead planets. Like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto(as we all know it's still a planet) and finally the Sun itself.

If instead of doing the leveling system and going straight forth with it being the ult change, I think then maybe having it go from the idea from the level 1-4 then changing into the level 15+ would be pretty cool with the Sunbreaker having the environmental look. But either way, it would still be cool to see that.

Other things I think would be cool for this skin concept is to have a direct taunt for some of, the Egyptian gods with their Star(skins). Maybe Ra(as he is still a sun, and Hou Yi did shoot down the Suns), Anhur, Khepri, Neith, Thoth, then Agni, Ah Puch, He Bo, Sol. Some other things would be for the voice pack with it. For I'm the Greatest I'm thinking maybe something along the lines of, "I'm stellar!" You rock could be "You're out of this world!" Ooops "Ground control, we've got a major problem." Good Luck "Safe travels." Have fun "Buckle up, it's a bumpy ride."

06-04-2017, 11:44 PM
Some other cool ideas for the skin with the moves could be that when marking someone with the Mark of the Golden Crow, there could be a computer sounding voice that says "Target acquired." Another is if you hit the enemy marked with the Ricochet shot, the voice could say. "That was a hit." Upon activating the ult Sunbreaker, Hou Yi could yell out, "Anything to save humanity!"

A few ideas for the taunts could be a bit dark. "They say no one can hear you scream in space. I guess your screams will go unheard." "With the idea of parallel universes, my job will never be done."

Jokes could be a bit funny with it, as involving all of outer space, one could easily make a Uranus joke.

06-10-2017, 04:16 AM
I'm not much of an artist really, but I'll see about coming up with some sketches for this skin idea. As I'm thinking for a color scheme to be purples, blues, white or black.

06-10-2017, 08:53 PM

Once again I'm not the best artist, but here's a concept idea for what the stage 4 look would be. I thought it would also be interesting for him to have some tie to Chang'e seeing as she is his wife, but also more so that Moon. So if there were to be any other ways to incorporate her into the skin it would be cool. Be it a voice line or a joke/taunt. As for some of the words on there, I thought it would be cool if the passive Suntouched could have a different look to it than how it is now, Maybe it could change even as Hou Yi levels up. Also as I mentioned up in the initial post, I think it would be cool that if with Ricochet that when the shot is fired, it leaves behind a trail for a few seconds, almost like a Tron cycle. However, it wouldn't cause damage obviously just be a visual effect. Other than that, a color pallet for the skin I was thinking of maybe black/gray for the armor, as the portion of the suit directly on the skin, I think could be some kind of carbon fiber or mesh-like material. Like scuba divers. Almost a second skin even. The visor would look good in maybe blue or purple, as well as the gem on the personal belt buckle. But besides that, also some white in places.

As for the stages prior to the last one, I figured that maybe for the stage one with it just being a basic look for a military personal that it wouldn't be hard as. Just a color pallet would be for the pants maybe the blue, purple, black, white camo patterns. It would just progress into the second stage just the exoskeleton would be involved with it now.

Then in the stage 3 look, the suit could be a little lesser version of this one as I said I thought it would be cool to go from having a tube linked to the back with the jetpack to keep the long hair that Hou Yi has, but instead make it with the tube, then when hitting level 15, it switches to this look, and it's just the helmet. No hair, no tubes, to go on the look that Iron Crow Hou Yi has with just a helmet on his head.

06-15-2017, 02:50 PM
Bumping for it to be seen by others.

06-18-2017, 10:22 PM
Giving a last bump before the end comes for the concept ideas to be posted. Goodluck to everyone and hope some good ones are chosen to be in the top 3.

06-19-2017, 03:41 PM
Not Bad , everyone should show some interest in hou yi t5 skins too

06-20-2017, 03:06 AM
Thanks for the comment. I mean I've seen several good ideas here, and then some that just really are far-fetched. But I believe that out of the 5 chosen Hunters, Hou Yi, Jing-Wei, Medusa, Skadi, and Ullr, that the skin should be up for grabs for Hou Yi, Skadi, and Ullr. Nothing against Jing-Wei and Medusa, and not really being bias because I'm a Hou Yi main out of the hunter category. It's just that those three are the only Hard difficulty to play hunters. So to be able to play them and rock out in a Tier 5 skin would make it so much more enjoyable.

Now I would love it to be Hou Yi the most, and more so my own idea, as with last years Tier 5 skin concepts, the Sol that was up for voting. Cosmic Sol was my idea. There was another person that actually had an image to go along with it, but I actually wrote the idea completely out. So here's hoping that Hi-Rez saw my idea and takes a liking to it and puts it to vision. Just then have to be hopeful that it gets the votes to win.