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06-03-2017, 06:59 PM
So this is my concept that I originally had for Rama but I transferred the concept to Hou Yi since, first of all Rama was not one of the top five gods and second, because Rama does not have the best effects to bring out the true potential for the skin.


The concept is simple:

Hou yi starts out as a peasant with a simple self-strung bow and tattered clothes defending his farm. His mark is a simple wooden target. His jump is him with a parachute made of stitched together rags. His ult is him launching giant bags of grain.

After level 10, he becomes a general in the army, gracefully commanding his battalion and protecting his country. His mark becomes more of a crosshair. He jumps with his cape, and his ult is him commanding his battalion of archers to rain down fiery arrows on his enemies.

Then, at level 15/20, he becomes part of the King's Guard, and is known as the best archer known to man or god, never missing a shot. His mark is a head of a dragon, to make known to the enemy there is nowhere to run. His jump is his cape becoming widespread wings, and his ult is his arrows becoming imbued with the power of dragons raining down on his opponents.

(For his ricochet, I really have no idea. I wanted to make each on had different sound effects when it bounced off a wall. The peasant's ricochet would make a little dinking noise as if ricocheting off a tin can. The army general's ricochet would sound more like gunshot hitting a rock, and his king's guard would sound like a dragon's roar. Something like that).
Tell me what you guys think and how I should improve on it :)

06-04-2017, 10:29 AM
This skin sound amazing

06-06-2017, 02:20 PM
This concept is freaking awesome!!! I sketched some ideas for the ricochets and basic attacks(i suck at drawing so be warned):p,http://imgur.com/rxboeYy
In all honesty I believe that this skin concept is one of the best hou yi ones I've seen, I would really want to see this in the game. Ever since i knew about t5 skins I always wanted a hunter one, and now theres a chance for my favorite hunter to get one :D . The concept of this skin matches so well with character, being that hou yi is the defender of earth. I wanted to try to make my on concept unfortunately my drawing skills always held me back, but I would be soooo down to team up with you and work more on this concept. I really think this skin concept can make it to phase four, with some tweaks. Message me if your interested in teaming up, and once again nice job on the concept.

06-06-2017, 02:49 PM
Hey! I just found this thread and it looks like our ideas our similar, keeping the same medieval theme. Maybe at some point we could collaborate with our ideas. Mine is for Ullr by the way.