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06-03-2017, 05:52 PM
Skin's Story/Description
Hou Yi, desperate to see his wife, sought out a way for them to be reunited again. His search led him to the constellations in the sky. Every night, he would light up the sky with his arrows. In hopes of guiding Chang'e back to him, he would connect the stars together.

Hou Yi Zodiac

1. Suntouched - when Hou Yi takes a critical hit the constellation/scales of Libra will show up and float around him for the duration of the passive.
2. Ricochet - when Hou Yi maxes this ability, his bow will transform into little stars connected together. If the arrow hits an enemy god with Mark of the Golden Crow the bow of Sagittarius will explode and disappear on impact.
3. Mark of the Golden Crow - This ability will mark the enemy with the bow of Sagittarius.
4. Divebomb - When Hou Yi maxes this ability his clothes will transform, shining when he's in the air. The Leo star constellation will appear on the ground as he lands then disappear again.
5. Sunbreaker - When Hou Yi uses his ult the sky turns dark with the zodiac star constellations lighting up the sky. From the sky every Zodiac (excluding Libra, Sagittarius, and Leo) will attack the area that the ult is used on.