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06-03-2017, 05:29 PM
Hou yi will start of as a squire and begin to grow into a dragon warrior. He will have a pet dragon that will grow with him each level. As Hou yi levels up he will start to sync with his dragon and his moves and appearance will take on a dragon form.
Tier 1- normal archer moves are basic and has a dragon egg on his side
Tier 2- baby dragon is hatched and flys away Hou yi's armor changes color to match the dragons skin. His final move will be the small dragon coming on the screen shooting small fire balls at the target. When he does a move he glows with the color of his dragon.
Tier 3- Hou Yi's transformation to a dragon tamer is almost complete. Armor looks advanced almost complete dragon scale armor. His own features are starting to look more like a dragon. Ears coming to a point eyes looking like a dragons. All moves look like the dragon is powering them. When he leaps the spirit surrounds him adding spiritual wings and legs showing the connection to his pet dragon aiding his jump. Dragon during special is much larger and flames are stronger
Tier 4- his transformation is complete. His physical features have changed and he looks like a humanoid dragon. His armor is deluxe dragon scale armor with a advanced bow to match. All of his moves are more advanced and his leap looks as if he is a dragon and rather than a spirit is aiding him. His dragons special is massive and is biting and clawing while shooting fire at the target area.

06-03-2017, 05:43 PM
I think this is a great idea, the theme of hou yi becoming a dragonborn essentialy is something that seems to make sense. You could easily replace the feather motif with a scale one and the ascetics would just work. Also I would kill to see a dragon shooting down at my enemies!

06-19-2017, 03:48 PM
A lot of dragon themed ideas for Odyssey 2018. I'm not even mad though. Seeing as Hou Yi originally doesn't have any pets, it's a great idea for this dragon to be featured in his abilities and not always being by his side, so good job on that one. His transformation is nicely described here and I'm glad you didn't intend on making him a full dragon in the end (like some other ideas which in my opinion have gotten too far), so this would instead make him look more like Ao Kuang (dragon-human hybrid) later in game.