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06-03-2017, 05:17 PM
The general idea of this skin is to make Ullr into the guardian of an ancient shrine to winter. I will go into further detail when i break down the stages. Note: all of the stages except the last have some kind of hood on.

Stage 1: Beginnings

In this stage, he has just started to guard the shrine. His armor is the classic blue and leather you see in the game throughout the Norse Pantheon, just on a piece of leather armor. Slick shoulder pads, very rounded and warrior looking, but absolutely without being over the top. e would look like any adventurer if you looked at him at first glance. His bow is a normal bow and his axes are his normal axes (changed from base skin of course). They would have no particles and would look just like normal weapons, but his one and three should have muted icy effects.

Stage 2: Adaptation

In this stage, Ullr has begun to fuse with the winter. His armor has a frosted over look, and it has become more detailed and intricate. Still the slick leather armor, but now it appears to have permanent ice in some areas. It also has some fur on the edges, like a heavy winter coat. Make sure the ice actually looks like its part of the armor itself and not just on top of it. His bow and axes have begun to shift into more than they were, the ice enveloping the edge and creating a more deadly blade on the axes as well as reinforcement/blade looking things on the front of his bow. The particles have changed and now have a minor cold effect, just icy mist whenever he hits a target. His arrows should have some icy parts about them, possibly just make them have ice growths on them and have a frosty glow about them. This should be shared by his one and three in bow stance.

Stage 3: Changing

In this stage, his leather armor has become very different. Much of it is missing, and instead there are icy regions covering much of it. Still looks like it is coming from leather, but it has changed a whole lot. The edge frills have become larger as well, looking much thicker then the original small lining around the armor. His weapons are no longer reinforced with ice, they have become ice. His bow is sleek ice all the way, with some reinforcing wooden bard throughout. His axes are wood on the hilt, but the blades are now completely ice. They have a look of almost royalty and flow, but absolutely not over the top. they simply look like ice versions of a bow and axes. His arrows that are fired should be a mix of ice and normal, maybe an ice shaft and a steel top and normal fletchings. This is shared by his one and three. This picture from skyrim is what i am thinking of with the leather, just maybe not as much of the ice.


Stage 4: Metamorphosis

This is the final stage, and it changes a whole lot. This stage has full, regal ice armor, reinforced with black iron throughout in a beautiful but simple design. Make sure that this does not look like the armor of some kind of barbarian, he needs to look like absolute royalty. His hood is off, revealing the slightly grayed hairs and what is essentially his normal face. (possible place for some kind of very subtle headgear, maybe crown looking). He should look like the lord of winter, not wild but calm and collected. His bow is no longer a simple icy bow, it is absolutely describable as art. His axes have changed from the normal Nordic style he has to a more elegant and more curved piece, connecting and looking like it would glide through his enemies easily. The particles have changed into ice spikes that bloom out whenever he hits something. If you take one thing from this section, let it be that he absolutely should not look like the edgy, spiky mess that you see in many fantasy games. Think almost like he has the grace of some kind of snow elf, the armor looking like any weapon would just glide off. Don't make the ice rounded though, otherwise it would look tacky. Just make geometric edges that seem to naturally flow with the armor. His arrow should be a spike of ice at this point, and when he fires his three it should create a slightly longer lasting snowflake pattern on the ground.

Ullr is a very good god that is in severe need of good skins (that you don't get from chest rolls). He is an extremely fun and challenging god, not to mention my personal favorite, and with numerous but simple abilities it should not be too hard to create (although i hope that's not what you look for in a t5 skin). I believe it is an interesting idea, and fully icy armor is something that has not been explored too much in smite, unless you count Ymir. In conclusion, i hope you take this skin concept into consideration when you add a new t5 into my favorite game.

>inb4 demonic ullr Kappa

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Really nice concept! I like it.

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How do you add photos?

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