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06-03-2017, 01:59 PM

I originally had this concept on Cupid but thought it could work with Skadi & Kaldr. Just minor differences.

Zero/MegaMan Theme Skin

Omega - Skadi

This skin has 6 Different Tiers.

Class Color
1. Default indigo
2. Guardian Orange
3. Hunter Green
4. Mage Blue
5. Assassin Red
6. Warrior Yellow

Each Tier has its Own look and Color. Ex: Guardian Armor has Heavier/Bulky look compared to Hunter Armor Lighter look.

Each Tier is Activated upon God Kills and the God Slain Class. Ex: Skadi kills Loki, Loki's class is Assassin. Armor changes too Assassin Tier.

Only 2 Ways to Revert to Default Armor: 1. Death to an Enemy God. 2. Special Emote "while Non-Default Armor is Active. "Skadi Could toggle something on her Wrist during animation"

All Armor from Each Tier are Summoned the Same. Ex: The Armor pieces that are currently on Bursts into the Air with Light Effects of the Current Armors Class, Disappears. While the New Armor Pieces Phase onto Skadi.

All her skills in her kit and Basic Attacks will have the color of its Current Activated Armor.

Her weapon Would be an Energy Spear. Where the Blade would be similar to a Light Saber. The Lighting and Sound Effects Should be similar. "Imagine Light Saber Spears Being Thrown"

Open to more Suggestions to add On.

Oh yea, please change her Run Animation. lol looks like she has wooden legs.