View Full Version : Cyborg Jing Wei T5 Skin Concept

06-03-2017, 01:07 PM
My idea is to make an aging jing wei t5 skin concept where she ages from child to adult. Hope you enjoy.

Lvl 1-4:

Jing wei's normal size, she is a cyborg with silver colored hair and almost no gear, a hightech crossbow and a hightech eyepatch which a lot o cyborgs have i hope you understand what i want to tell you. She has hologram wings that are not too detailed and only 1 short ponytail in the mittle instead of two.

Lvl 5-9:

She looks like a teenager, has a more detailed and bigger crossbow, her hair has two ponytails just longer than from her normal skin. She has a bit more gear and her hologram wings are bigger and more detailed.

Lvl 10-14:

She is a young adult, more gear, a bigger and more detailed crossbow, she has long, open hair. Her wings are bigger and part of her gear now, so that they have a part where it is made out of metal with maybe lights and other details on it and the rest is a hologram like before.

Lvl 15:

She is an adult now, a killer machine with a deadlier, bigger and more detailed crossbow, more gear. She has a mask and her hair is longer and open again. Her wings are half made of metal and half hologram, bigger and more detailed.

I dont know how her basic attacks could be I just know that her first forms basic attacks could sound like iDusas basic attacks

I hope you liked my concept.

I would appreciate your ideas to improve my concept.