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06-03-2017, 10:49 AM
My concept for a Jing Wei Tier 5 skin revolves around her being an alchemist. Her first ability will involve her throwing a flask on the ground having different visuals depending on which stage she is in. Her second ability will involve her pouring a flask on her crossbow making the the shots explode and have critical strike chance, This ability will have different visuals depending on which stage she is in. Her third ability will be her jumping on her broom and flying in stage 1 or flying with her wings in the other stages. Her ultimate will revolve around her getting on her broom or flying with her wings(Depending on which stage she is in) and throwing down alchemy flasks on the ground beneath her. This ability will have different visuals depending on which stage Jing Wei is in. Her passive will be her flying on either her broom or with her wings. Jing Wei will keep her crossbow no matter which stage she is in.

Stage 1: Jing Wei Starts off in a basic alchemist/Wizard apprentice costume with no wings and her normal hair style. She uses a broom to fly.

Stage 2: The moment she hits level 5 an animation plays where she accidentaly pours an alchemy flask on herself, causing her to grow wings and letting her hair loose. This also makes her clothes more detailed and gives her more flasks in her belt.

Stage 3: When Jing Wei hits level 10 she once again pours a flask on herself, this time it was not an accident. She wanted to she if she could become more powerful.(Because of the wing growth) When she pours the flask on herself her hair becomes wavy like water, her wings also take a watery type form and grow in size. Jing Wei's abilities become based around water, her flasks become blue and her clothes grow and become more detailed.

Stage 4: When She hits level 15 she once more pours an alchemy flask on herself in need of greater power. Jing Wei's wings grow in size and light on fire. Her hair also lights on fire much like chandra nalaar's hair from magic the gathering. All of her abilities become based around fire and all of her flasks become red. Her clothes once again grow and become more detailed.

Stage 5: When Jing Wei reaches level 20 she pours almost all of her flasks on herself completly obsessed in getting more powerful. Jing Wei's wings turn white and grow in size. Jing Wei will no longer use her legs to walk, instead she will always hover above the ground with her wings. Jing Wei has now harnessed the power of the elements, making her eyes glow white and her flasks asume many different colours. Her hair will become a rainbow colour and her hair and her clothes will blow as if there were lots of wind. Her abilities will have different colours and themes each time she uses them.

Feel free to tell me what you think!

soccer slayer 9
06-05-2017, 11:54 PM
This idea is great, the only problem is if you lvl up in the middle of a fight, will the animation just not play? Other than that I really like this concept!

06-13-2017, 11:14 AM
Havent really thought about that... i guess we will have to let hi-rez figure it out. Thank you for liking the consept!

06-14-2017, 04:10 AM
worbzz nice concept !!!!!i liked it !!!!but i think you need to remove the broom stuff/Why is an alchemist using a broom like a witch??? other than that its good that your first concept in the forum is awesome