View Full Version : Junkjard Medusa (Medusa T5 skin idea)

06-03-2017, 09:17 AM
So, for the T5 Medussa I had a simple idea:

In phase 1 (which is at the start of the match and every time she respawns after death, as she chances with her abilities used) she looks like a robot made from old scraps, with her mask being a piece of metal with a large, red glass covering her eyes, her bow being build into her arm, made out of simple scrap. Her tail is made out of layers of metal that slither like a snake.

When she uses her 1, her bow disapears and her arm turns into a canon, making her next 3 basic attacks to become rockets. When all 3 rockets are shot, the canon remains and the basic attacks become smaller rockets.

When she uses her 2, the canon turns back into a bow, and her chest transforms into yet another cannon, with the scraps retracting and the canon spurting out of it that shoots a lazer that splits into multiple lazers at max range.

When she uses the 3, the canon retracts, and engines come from her tail, alowing her to boost for a while and then float across the field.

When she uses the ult, the engines turn into the tail again, and the red glass flips up, and from Medusa's face ejects a scrap gun, shooting one big piece of scrap that stuns all enemies.

I hope this idea is as clear as I want it to, and sorry for my grammar, I'm typing this via my phone.