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06-03-2017, 01:24 AM
So it would appear this is the venue for an official tier five skin submission. In my original post on Reddit, I was mainly concerned about gaining visibility for Werewolf Ullr, less for the sake of skin itself, but more so that Ullr had a chance of even making it to submissions. Seeing as how we’ve achieved that goal, that part is no longer relevant. I’ll try to stick to WereUllr and cut the unnecessary theatrics, along with a few other ‘edits’.

Werewolf Ullr: Stance-switching from a classic 18/19th century hunter, touting a musket loaded with silver bullets, to becoming overwhelmed by the inner carnage of the wolf howling inside of him, Ullr looks just as scary as the scaling on his abilities.

The basic concept in essence: In Axe Stance, Ullr becomes a wolf-man—the percentage by which he turns being determined by his level* (level one, he would probably just look like Logan, and level 20 he would look like Wolf Man Fenrir)—He uses his bloodied claws to satiate his bloodlust on whatever adversary lies in his path (replacing his axe autos). His first ability would be a visually-represented howl, along the lines of Camazotz screech, in place of his Thrown Axe. The second ability, granting him the speed of the wolf, would see Ullr caving into his primal instincts, ideally with all four “paws” on the ground, while the stim lasts. Now, this is where the liberty of a tier five starts to shine a little (a little more later on), if he’s invigorated in his other stance, he’d run, musket swaying side to side, akin to the generic sprinting animation in any modern FPS. And finally, the wolf-pounce: I don’t want this skin to completely rip off Fenrir, but I really can’t imagine a more perfect way to execute this**. With that, the hunt is on.

In Bow Stance, Ullr wields his trusty musket; Firing silver bullet basic attacks, and swearing to protect his allies from the wolves who cursed him. Throughout the match, as Ullr gains levels, he retains more and more of his wolf-like characteristics in this stance. For his Bladed Arrow***, I’d conceived silver slugs: Ullr pulls out the shotgun strapped to his leg and fires a silver streak, with some nice, ever-draining particle effects, smoke from the gun, and what have you. Continuing from the aforementioned point in the previous paragraph, Exposed Weakness, in this stance, would have all of Ullr’s weapons glistening in silver; While in his wolf form, his claws would shine, and his eyes would fill with blood (maybe his biceps would bulge a little). Again, taking liberty with the tier five. And finally, Hail of Arrows, by any other means, would not give Ullr’s iconic move justice: Ullr pulls the authentic 18th century crossbow off of his back and fires a volley of silver-tipped bolts onto his helpless target.

As much as I love quoting Ullr’s stance-switching voice lines, regardless of context, they’d have to be changed for this skin. Starting off, Ullr will be more concerned, while turning into a wolf, he’ll say lines like, “No! Not again!”, “Friends! Stay away from me!”, “Remember me as I was, not who I’ll become.” And turning back, “Thank God. Time for the real hunt”, “Thought I was gone for good that time.”, “That was horrible. I’ll stick to my guns.” At level 20 though, Ullr will become enchanted by the wolf inside of him. Turning into a wolf, he’ll say, “Time to feed.”, “Now you’ll see fear.”, “Just one bite.” And turning back, “A pity. I was having fun.”, “That man is not sitting well in my stomach.”, “Don’t worry, I’ll shoot you just as violently.” As for the voice itself, I think a gradual change in grit (guttural tone?) similar to that of Anubis’ tier five would fit well.****

Something that has always amused me is the availability of the VVVR and VVVD voice lines on the ultimate-less gods. I think it’d be neat if we altered them a bit. In human form, “Ultimate is ready” will be replaced with “The Moon! It’s here!”, and “Ultimate is down” will be replaced with, “I’m human... for now.” In wolf form, he’ll say “Dawn’s approaching...” and “You’ll never see the Sun!” respectively.****

As for the actual attire of WereUllr… The responses I received on my Reddit post drew parallels from my supernatural hunter description, to Van Helsing from the eponymous film, and Father Gascoigne from Bloodborne. After taking a gander at both, I think they’d be near-perfect references to cite when designing the skin.

And like I said from the beginning, to anyone who is willing to draw/contribute to the design of this, please do. I believe this works best as a community skin, through and through.

Nota Bene
*In a perfect world, Hi-Rez would have magically conjured up a prebuilt Skyrim-like character creation engine, with a sliding scale for “wolf-likeness”, so we could enjoy a smooth transition tied to experience points, rather than an abrupt change every five levels. I understand this is wildly unrealistic, but it was a nice thought. Either way, I think this concept (http://i.imgur.com/WPzRDhX.jpg) by u/OreoLeSasquatch (https://www.reddit.com/u/oreolesasquatch) is a great look

**Actually, after looking at Ullr’s default Glory Bound animation, I’ve come to think that pose (elbows bent; pelvic thrust) would look a lot nicer, and make more sense, given that Ullr is still, in part, human.

***I took into consideration how AA-canceling would work while using this ability. Then, I thought about how wild it would be if Ullr held both guns in his hands (musket in right, shotgun in left) and fired them simultaneously. A bit out of scope, considering the current level of animations in the game.

****Tina will come up with better lines, I’m sure, but I figured I should throw out some indication of the tone.