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06-03-2017, 01:05 AM
Lore -

As a child, Hou Yi was very fond of exploring. On such an adventure, Hou Yi climbed high into the mountains and beheld a sudden flash of a red-orange light high up in the trees. Curious as to what it was, he climbed up into the branches and beheld a nest made of twigs, blanketed in ash. Beneath the ash he found a single egg who's color seemed to shift from red, orange, and to yellow and emanated a low, soothing heat. Hou Yi took this egg and kept it with him as he aged into a young man, coveting it as his most beautiful treasure. It came to him as a surprise when his special egg hatched one day, revealing a bird seemingly cloaked in flames. This legendary phoenix, newly reborn, became Hou Yi's companion and hunting partner and together, no prey escaped their clutches. Because of this, he came to be known as Hou Yi, the Firebird, who fought with a fiery phoenix at his side.

As he levels -
Levels 1-5 - Hou Yi wears standard leather hunter garb with a strong fantasy theme and is equipped with a basic hunting bow. His phoenix is just a hatchling that sits on his shoulder, occasionally moving and looking around. While he idles, the phoenix would jump down to perch on his arm and Hou Yi would interact with it. The bird also makes little chirps.

Levels 6-10 - Hou Yi's leather garbs becomes more intricate with detailed trimmings and the like, as well as various red themed accessories. His bow becomes a little more intricate as well. His phoenix grows a little bit and is now capable of flight and hovers and flies around Hou Yi. While he idles, the phoenix would fly around Hou Yi trying to get him to play.

Levels 11-15 - Hou Yi now has various armored pieces to go along with his leather clothes, situated around his arms, upper torso, and lower legs. He now has a bow that is decked out in metal plating. His phoenix is now much larger and takes on more of a presence, gleefully flying around Hou Yi in a blur of flame when it isn't hovering nearby. When he idles, the phoenix flies down to perch on Hou Yi's bow while he strokes the bird's feathers. Instead of chirps, the phoenix has a more distinguished caw.

Levels 16-20 - Hou Yi becomes clothed in flame themed clothes and armor, greatly resembling his phoenix companion. His bow becomes very ornate and gives off a fiery glow. His phoenix fully matures and grows even bigger and more elegant and constantly radiates flames either hovering nearby him or flying around Hou Yi. When Hou Yi goes idle, the bird swoops down to Hou Yi's back and stretches it's wings out wide. The phoenix also sounds much more ferocious.

Abilities -

Suntouched - Whenever Hou Yi is critically hit, he is engulfed in a mild flaming aura until the end of the passive.

Ricochet - At levels 1-5, this ability greatly resembles a standard blurred arrow flying from Hou Yi's bow, leaving behind a faint red trail. This graduates to being a flame tipped arrow, a completely flaming arrow leaving fire trailing behind it, and finally to a fire blast that resembles a phoenix when it is first released from the bow.

Mark Of the Golden Crow - At levels 1-5, the target has a standard red targeting reticle above their head. At further levels, Hou Yi's phoenix flies out at and continues to hover around the marked target until this ability ends and the phoenix flies back to Hou Yi.

Divebomb - At levels 1-5, Hou Yi flies into the air and hovers before slamming down into the ground with a ground crushing sort of effect. At levels 6-10, his phoenix joins him in the attack and flies around him and adds a mild fire effect to the attack when it hits the ground. At greater levels, the phoenix latches on to Hou Yi's back and becomes like wings of fire to him before he plummets to the ground in a fiery explosion.

Sunbreaker - At levels 1-5, Hou Yi knocks multiple bomb-tipped arrows and shoots them to the sky before they crash and explode into the ground. At levels 6-10, the bomb arrows have more of a fire effect. At levels 11-15, he launches complete fire arrows at the sky that rain down in a fiery explosion. At levels 16-20, Hou Yi launches a fiery phoenix from his bow (very similar to the final form of ricochet) before large flaming phoenixes plummet to the ground in very big, flaming explosions.

A feel like a lot of people are going to go with a phoenix theme for Hou Yi but I really like the idea of him gaining a phoenix companion for the skin rather than just becoming phoenix-like himself! Let me know what you guys think!