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06-02-2017, 11:42 PM
I think there is a very interesting horror-themed skin to be had with Skadi. She would begin as a normal young woman investigating a haunted house or other spooky locale, and slowly she becomes battle-hardened and ready to face the monsters of the night. Her abilities change form when they hit max rank, and each interval has an effect on Skadi. I got the initial idea based on Fiona and Huey from the game Haunting Ground, but I think this would work better as a sort of tribute to classic slasher films. Thanks for checking out my idea, and please let me know what you think!

- Ability 1: Piercing Cold
As Skadi's night of terror begins, she uses whatever is at hand to stay alive. For this ability, perhaps it begins as some kind of pepper spray or thrown projectile to slow down her attackers. Once this ability hits max rank, however, she finds a dark talisman that projects a bolt of shadow to similar effect.

- Ability 2: Rune of the Hunt
I feel that Kaldr's primary look should change alongside Skadi, so the change here would mostly be in the appearance of the mark. Before the ability hits max rank, it looks like a small aura of light around the target, like Skadi is shining her flashlight on it. Transformed, the mark becomes an aura of red-black shadow sticking to the target like a negative glow. Kaldr has the same aura on him while the mark is active, perhaps even leaving a trail of shadow behind him as he runs.

- Ability 3: Permafrost
This ability creates a pool of blood that enemies slip on, but that makes Skadi run faster. Before the ability hits max rank, the blood just appears at the target. Transformed, the blood seeps across the area as if from a recent murder. Alternatively, it could bubble and writhe as if agitated by some unknown force.

- Ability 4: Winter's Wrath
Skadi's ult still creates a storm around both her and Kaldr, but it is a whirlwind of ghosts/spirits around each of them. At max rank, Skadi has gained control of the spirits, so instead of flying wildly around her and Kaldr, they move orderly as a protective shield. Perhaps the sky above the battlefield could become a raging thunderstorm while the ult is active, as few horror movies are complete without a good storm.

- Phase 1: 0 abilities at max rank
Accompanied by her pet husky or German shepherd, Skadi fends off unusual phenomena by throwing a broom or sharp stick she found lying around. She is dressed in normal street clothes, and perhaps carries a flashlight. Her voice is nervous, but stable.

- Phase 2: 1 ability at max rank
Skadi has now seen the monster, and she is in full-on panic mode. Her run animation is more frantic, and her flashlight often flickers. Her voice is terrified.

- Phase 3: 2 abilities at max rank
Skadi has collected herself. People have died, and she must be ready to face the final showdown. Her outfit is damaged, and Kaldr is walking with a limp. She wields a harpoon or spear now to do what must be done.

- Phase 4: 3 abilities at max rank
She has defeated the monster now, and just wants to go home. Her left arm hangs limply, and Kaldr is now a ghost dog.

- Phase 5: all abilities at max rank
Skadi's voice is a bit unstable now. She is on the brink of madness from all she has seen, and could well become the next monster if pushed too far.

06-03-2017, 07:58 AM
ah yes i lov pleying krumparnarta too. but i no liek dis skin for him

06-10-2017, 01:29 PM
Changed the thread name to make the concept more clear (and also as a bit of a signal boost).