View Full Version : Reuniting With Chang'e.....Hou Yi Skin

06-02-2017, 11:35 PM
No visuals, but the concept is Hou Yi being on the battlefield with Chang'e. The tech that School girl Hel has will be used to add Chang'e to Hou Yi and the effects are listed below. The transformation is in the abilities when they are leveled and at max rank, Chang'e is introduced into the abilities.

1. Jade rabbit is at Hou Yi's side at all times

2. Passive Suntouched, every time Hou Yi gets critted, a moonlight aura surrounds him and we hear Chang'e say "I will protect you"

3. Ricochet, the ability has very few fire effects, but as each puts a point into the ability, it gains more fire effects. At max rank, a white bow is intertwined with the arrow showing that Chang'e is helping Hou Yi. Ability voiceline changes at max rank to Chang'e " Together we are one."

4. Mark of the Golden Crow, ability starts with little fire effects and gains more as you put more points in it. At max rank, a combination of fire and moon effects is shown. If the ability stuns, the sound of Chang'e ult is heard. Ability voiceline is changed to jade rabbit "You're in trouble now".

5. Divebomb, Once again, the fire effcts with 1 point is small and gains more as you level it. At max rank, Chang'e is shown lifting Hou Yi off the ground and ability voice line is changed to "I'm here for you."

6. Sunbreaker, Same as all abilities, the suns get hotter and more effects and at max rank, Chang'e sings a love poem during the ultimate proclaiming her love for Hou Yi and like last year's Anubis skin, the sky line turns to a starry night.

7. Skin, would be lore accurate, a simple Chinese cloth garment, as he does not have a real traditional looking skin, like a Chinese looking Amaterasu Shining Heaven skin