View Full Version : Sand burial Medusa T5 idea

06-02-2017, 11:29 PM
Medusa becomes an Egyptian inspired character completely covered in a heavy stone armor. The more you level the more is revealed from underneath the armor until she breaks completely free to reveal a spectral serpent underneath.

The lore I am going for right now is that she was a very powerful serpent deity of sorts that was bound by the gods in a stone armor and locked in it with a magical seal behind her. The more you level not only does the armor break apart the seal behind her gets smaller and smaller to indicate it getting weaker.



The first ability becomes more complex in shape when you level and the projectile turns more into a viper.

The second ability is fired off by the seal behind her rather then herself and is a flash of light that progressively gets more unstable because of the seal weakening. The final stage is instead a spiritual cone.

The third ability in the first stage is the seal forcefully pushing her forward, in all the other stages she uses her wings.

The ultimate instead of taking off a mask blue light begins to seep through the eye hole on the mask and turns everyone into sand. at higher levels the light turns more orange and magical seals start to form around the enemies. In the last stage she turns everyone into a spirit (kind of like the thing that floats above you if you are hit by Osiris ultimate).