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06-02-2017, 10:39 PM
Skadi - Ascent to Godliness

As evil threatens to scourge this land, even the gods are threatened. They need a soldier to try and vanquish the curse that slowly covers the world that they have created. The human that they have sought out, one with the purest of hearts and bravery that cannot be toppled is Skadi.

Often pushed around, she is just a lowly citizen with no purpose, but the gods have sensed something inside of her - A purity that no other mortal has ever had. She is the Chosen One.

Once Skadi levels up to certain levels, the skin will evolve. The first transformation will be made at Level 5, next at 10, 15 and finally ending at 20. The transformation only happens when out of combat.

The idea of this skin is that a 'nobody' is chosen by the gods to try and vanquish evil from the world, and slowly rises in power as the match goes on, with her final form being her reaching ultimate power.

Stage 1 - Skadi is a poor, human-looking character wearing tattered clothes, and Kaldr will be a smallish and undernourished wolf. Her basic attacks will be made with a wooden spear.

Stage 2 - Upon transforming, she emits a silver glow from her chest, slowly covering her and Kaldr's body. She then comes out of the transformation as a woman with more visuals and also wearing light armor marked with silver lines. along with a lightly metallic spear. Kaldr is now bigger and has a darker color with silver markings on his fur.

Stage 3 - Upon transforming, she emits a golden glow from her chest. She comes out of the transformation as a more armored woman with a fully metallic spear with a gold tipped end. She also has golden markings on her armor. Kaldr is wearing light armor as well with golden markings on the armor like Skadi.

Stage 4 - Upon transforming, she emits a bright red glow from her chest. Once transforming, a red explosion erupts out of her and Kaldr. Skadi is now wearing heavy armor with dark red markings along with a fiery helmet, with her abilities also having fiery effects. Her spear is metallic and has a fire tipped end. Kaldr is a heavily armored pooch now, along with being covered in the markings.

So that's my T5 Concept! Sorry I don't have any art. I'm not that great at doing this kind of stuff but hopefully I described it to the point. If you have any questions about it just reply and I'll be sure to answer it xP

06-11-2017, 11:32 AM
Added a lore to the concept.