View Full Version : Jing Wei Tier 5: Rise from the Ocean Concept

06-02-2017, 09:09 PM
So guys Im not a man of many words but I would love to give you all a piece of an Idea I have for the Tier 5 Jing Wei Skin. Here is what I thought: First I love her lore and I think it would be epic to see this implementet in this skin. It already gives us some sort of an idea what the transformation could be.

Stage 1 The Sunrise:

Starting as a Princess who loved the morning light she could wear some more formal but light clothes with warmer colors like orange, red and yellow. Her Weapon could be golden and she is wearing a Tiara. By shooting her weapon it emmits a little glow.

Stage 2 Washed away:

While Jing Wei was sailing out in the ocean, she was swallowed by the waves and died. This stage of the skin would make her appear like a human Jing Wei but fully engulfed in water. Her body became the ocean and the weapon too. Her Skin (the water) would be constantly flowing and she would have a hollow and misterious voice in this form.

Stage 3 The transformation:

Jing Wei starts to revive herself but her body shape gets bigger and much more different. Her body while still being emerged in water, takes on the form of a glorious bird. She doesnt have a weapon anymore and uses her wings and beak to shoot her projectiles. While her explosive bolts are loaded, the wings are emerged with a light glowing aura.

Stage 4 Reborn:

Jing Wei now takes the form of a big and Glorious colorful bird. The inner colors of its feathers are representing the ocean while her other feathers at the tip emmits a soft yellow/ orange color which resembes her love for the Dawn she yearned.

I hope someone could make a concept for this. But anyways here are just my bits for a Tier 5 Skin for Jing Wei Enjoy :)