View Full Version : T5 submission from Dusk till Dawn hou yi

06-02-2017, 08:58 PM
For dawn and dusk hou yi skin,that would change from a sunrise(soft red)to mid day (blazing flammes)to orange (sunset) to celestial (cf chang'e)

I am not an artiste so i have no visual to offer but detailed ideas.
I am letting free use of these idea to all artists and team hi rez

This skin is a reference to Hou yi 's back story and how he wishes to join change in the sky

The transformation mechanick would be to start with a young hou yi charming and not geared armed with only his bow his ability would have a soft red or pinkish color tone like a sunrise , his mark would be like a baby bird and growing to blazing bird then a stellar like (constellation like paterne) ,the colors of his suns for ultimate would change with the transformation pink red orange stellar , the stellar ricochet could have a sort of connecting dots animation each ricochet would create unique constallations (to show of your skills) lvl 10 hou yi could get some ornements lvl 15 more lvl 20 stellar would have stellar animation and change's bunny on the shoulder. Stellar ultimate could "rain" from / in a moon litght zone.

I would be most gratefull if someone made a concept art for it.

Cheers and fun to all from France