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06-02-2017, 08:52 PM
It may look like a long read but IT IS SO WORTH IT! So please read the whole thing, and tell me what you think!

Form 1 (lvl 1-4)
Skadi's first skin has a normal Skadi Style but she has a type of Norse battle armor as if ready for war, grey/white in color with a deep blue trim, and the symbol of Valhalla/Valknut is etched into her chest plate glowing a virbant golden color (very god-like), her spear is elegant and has a metal shaft with a tip made of ice like her normal spear but the blade is slightly spiraled at the base of the blade (just for visuals), her white/blondish-gold (like her chest symbol) hair it is glowing elegantly, and it has glowing deep blue tips to match Kaldr's tattoos.
Kaldr looks like an actual dire wolf like fur matching the color of Skadi's hair, he has a plain happy dog style face tattoos that are a glowing deep blue and a collar/harness with Norse runes etched into it and a chain hanging from the front (kind of like a leash).

Form 2 (lvl 5-9)
Skadi has her armor darkens to a greyish color and it has a giant slash is made in the Valhalla/Valknut symbol on her chest and it has lost its glow, the deep blue for the entire skin including her spear begin to turn purple color and becomes more distorted/spiraled, her hair becomes almost emo style or as if she was in a battle and it isn't "nice/god-like," and loses its elegance and darkens losing its glow.
Kaldr's fur darkens and loses its glow like Skadi's, and starts to become ruffled, his face becomes serious as if he is a guard dog, his tattoos begin to spread to what would be his front shoulders and alter slightly from where they before and turn the same purple as on Skadi, his collar/harness is now damaged, it looks like he has been scratching at it to get it off the runes begin to become the same purple and his claws begin to elongate.

Form 3 (lvl 10-14)
Skadi's armor is now a new set of armor different in appearance that is dark grey in nature and has an design of Fenrir eating the sun or an Ouroboros symbol to symbolize Ragnarok grey/tannish in color with no glow. She begins to radiate a reddish-purple glow, evil in nature. Her hair has become a darker grey. Her spear is very twisted and is growing extra thorns/spikes from the base of the blade pointing toward Skadi to look like a menacing arrow head.
Kaldr's fur is now in even more ruffled and his face look as if he is growling and barring teeth like knifes. His tattoos begin to spread further to his arms and alter in position and shape further becoming the same reddish-purple as Skadi's features, he begins to glow slightly as well. His collar/harness is now scratched/clawed to a complete distortion and from a distance may look almost chain like in nature like the links dangling from the collar itself, his front paws have become larger and almost look like hands with talons.

Form 4 (lvl 15-20)
Skadi's armor is now that of a warlord's, very brutal and look like a very high ranking officials armor completely unscratched, the same symbol on her chest as the last armor but it is now glowing a Reddish-orange color (a color like Fenrir's markings), the same color is on the tips of her hair and her base hair is dark grey/black, and her spear is the same color as the chest symbol (almost with a magma look as you can see it twisting and churning) and it looks like a very distorted spear that would tear through anything imaginable, the shaft is a dark metal with the Norse carvings of Fenrir's runes lining the top 1/3 of the shaft is the reddish-orange color.
Kaldr's fur now looks completely feral like Fenrir, and as black as night. The once distorted collar is now a thick set of chain links, with the same dangling in the from like the previous forms, you can slightly see runes carved into the links of the chain, they are the same symbols as Fenrir's runes (from his passive). Kaldr is completely snarling at this point and looks rabid in nature. All his tattoos are distorted to look like the markings on Fenrir, starting on his face (like other Kaldr skins) leading down to his arms and hands. (he looks nearly identical to Fenrir).

I couldn't think of anything special for her abilities so I didn't make any, I'll leave that up to the Smite team or some other dedicated Skadi fanatics! :D

I hope you all really enjoy this concept and vote to make it a real thing, and I hope someone sketches it out!