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06-02-2017, 08:52 PM
So now this is probably the most out there concept I could come up with but I think it could really work. As Skadi has both herself and Kaldr, it means two sources of level progression which can only add to the absurdity of the tier 5 skin.

Story behind the skin -
The swarming insectoid species of carnivorous monsters quickly pun a web of destruction and desolation around humanity. The invasion was quick and wiped out most of the population, but without the help of the swarm leaders the mindless hordes would have been ineffective. The fast evolving mindless creatures were tamed and controlled by humanoid beasts, similar to that of humans but large and more repulsive, with a biomechanical look to their merciless bodies. Their intelligence and inventiveness made them lethal leaders, outsmarting their prey.

Description time.
I suck at writing.

Anyway, the skin would be a level based evolving skin for Skadi. At level one she would be a very humanoid alien lookign creature, with enough basic changes to give her that surreal organic yet mechanical look that many sci-fi aliens take, such as xenomorphs, tyranids and the zerg.

A couple quick concept doodles I drew up however they're not solid concepts and dont hold much originality or resemblance of skadi, a few changes i would make would most likely be adding something on her back to match the antlers on her back and making the species more feminine. Along with this i would most likely change the spear from some lazy scribbles to a spinal cord or a metallic spear with a skull stabbed through it. Essentially the design would get larger like other tier 5 skins and also would become more alien and less human.

Now for her abilities
Her passive of Kaldr is one that'd mainly be changed by what Kaldr would look like, visually it would be hard to make any changes. However beast form of Kaldr would be a opaque version of Kaldr while elemental would be colourless and distorted, like it was slightly cloaked.

Her first ability, piercing cold's ice theme wouldn't fit an insectoid race and would have to be edited. Instead of being a blue spear throw with an icy theme, the spear would be thrown in a poisonous green cloud and would deal "Hunter enzyme" effect, which is the renamed piecing cold. It'd give a more insect feel to the ice queen, taking away the freeze feel and adding on the toxic bio weapon.

Her second ability, Rune of the hunt is where the fun for Kaldr happens. With each level up, Kaldr will 'evolve' visually to represent each of the skills that Kaldr gets with each level up. For 0 points, Kaldr is a larval maggot state, a slightly small defenseless larvae that will crawl along with Skadi, having small upfront pincers that will bite at the targeted enemies rather than a typical jaw.
Tier 0 would look like while holding some mechanical traits:

After a single point has been invested into this ability, Kaldr will shed a layer of skin and reveal a two legged creature that walks on all fours, the front 'Arms' mainly holding two sharp claws and would finally have eyes. Its face would look more like a lizard's jaw, with rows of razor sharp teeth to tear at your enemies. It would start looking more like Skadi's forms now as the outer shell solidifies at the second point invested.

As we reach the third tier of the skin, as rank 3 of the ability is when it gets its next change from a charge. Now it grows larger, its arms becoming bulkier and its back arching more, it its now larger than the skinless Kaldr as it bulks up, its back protected by heavy outer shell as it looks more beetle like. Its claws at the front are now far more impressive, having sharp spines and bumps as they are far larger and the creature uses them primarily to support itself as its legs are not that big yet. itd be a more monstrous form than the last, and would look similar to this:

Lastly the final tier, as the ability is ranked up the creature would ooze with the same substance as the piercing cold's effect, its jaw would be larger, its legs now growing so much the creature stands bipedal, taller than Skadi herself. The monster would charge at enemies on all fours but would stalk around Skadi on two legs. The beast would be heavily armored looking and very intimidating, being an alpha now under the control of the swarm leader. This final form would be similar to large tyranids or Anub'arak from World of warcraft.

Her third ability permafrost would only see a slight change, making the floor look more like a green ooze than icey floor, another alternative is having it be sprayed by Skadi like some form of acid.

Her ultimate is a trick one, but as this species of deadly alien have holes all over them her ultimate would be replaced with spores that get secreted out of these holes, floating aorund rather than swirling like the original and would look more like a cloud, hovering all over her rather than just the floor.


While this idea is very out there it has some amazing potentially to be the most impactful skin in Smite, having two separate evolving models the skin would easily stand out. The alien theme is quite out there and not very true to Skadi's lore but the sheer presence and uniqueness in comparison to the sometimes repetitive skins in Smite is why I think it is worth being our 2018 Tier 5 skin. The skin would be a competitive negative due to the increased size of Kaldr and Skadi, but these skins aren't meant to be competitive, they're meant to be awe inspiring.

Let me know what you think down below~

06-02-2017, 09:04 PM
I will add further concept art in future, although I am not a good artist I consider it better to use visuals to assist explanations as it can help direct thoughts, plus without much grounds for the Kaldr's look and the strange abnormal nature of the design it would help if some concepts were put out. Of course I won't do that if the concept is not liked as then I would just move onto something new.