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06-02-2017, 08:10 PM
The idea that comes to mind with this is a steampunk feel for Hou Yi, and progressively he becomes more mechanical and ultimately becomes a steampunk phoenix in a way. It's a fairly simple concept to an extent, but if done well, I believe Hou Yi transforming into a mechanized human with large flaming wings and a fire essence would be awesome! Hopefully this makes sense as it's explained.

Neutral Skin Effects (Occurs at all levels):

Ricochet - A mechanized bolt laced with a flame effect, and is spring loaded, initiating its ability to bounce off objects

Mark of the Golden Crow - When on a target, it appears as a gear cluster with flames branching off of it

Divebomb - Launches into the air as normal, but upon hitting the ground, flames and mechanical parts disperse from the target area, making for a glorified landing

Sunbreaker - Instead of the large fireballs falling from the sky, phoenixes fall onto the target area, and the phoenixes have parts of the body changed to appear mechanical, such as the wing or chest being replaced, or miscellaneous parts of the phoenixes appearance (this can be up for some alternative ideas though)

Hou Yi's Appearance Changes Through Leveling:

Stage 1 (Levels 1-4):
Hou Yi appears as normal (by normal, still appearing human) with some of his body being replaced by mechanical parts

Stage 2 (Levels 5-9):
More of Hou Yi's body becomes exposed with mechanical replacements

Stage 3 (Levels 10-14):
Hou Yi's final form is starting to shine through, as even more of his body appears mechanical, and beams of light start to surface out of his back

Stage 4 (FINAL - Level 15-20):
Hou Yi's body is now completely replaced with mechanical parts, and where the beams of light were that were shining out of his back have now turned into large wings made of fire. Along with this, there's a fire essence surrounding Hou Yi's body

06-09-2017, 01:14 PM
Cool idea, really like the idea of a clockwork character other than Chronos