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06-02-2017, 06:49 PM
A great battle awaits and the Ragnarok is upon us! Odin is now very weak though and can no longer fight beside the gods, therefore he chose Ullr to carry the Aesir to victory!

This concept is based on Ullr becoming a very skillful archer infused with Odin's power and a true savage viking at the very end.

First form: He'd start off as a simple archer with no armor, hood or cape, just a plain black ragged shirt, his actual bow, axes and regular pants.

Second form: His armor starts to appear as Odin's influence grows stronger on him, he now has a dark blue cape and hood, with spiked gloves and a crow now starts flying besides him, his bow and axes should level up as well.

Third form: Ullr is now the very skillful archer I mentioned before. His armor is now complete, the cape and the hood are now gone and a new haircut emerges with a very thick beard. His armor could be similar to TERA's Regent gear for High elves.
He now holds the Ichaival, the one true bow, Gungnir suddenly appears on his back and his axes are now stronger than ever. His shoulder cuirass now shows the head of a crow.

Viking form: As soon as Ullr reaches his third form he now gains a viking form that will be used on his axe stance only, whenever he switches to axe stance a transformation should happen (similar to Hel's stance switch) showing a very savage berserker similar to Rollo from the series. He'd have tattoos all around his back and will now hold ONLY ONE AXE, if at all possible his voice pack should change as well to a more violent version.


Bow Stance:

First form:
1 - Bladed Arrow: Just a regular dark blue bolt.
2 - Expose Weakness: He pulls the bow string very strong instead of spinning it lol.
3 - Hail of Arrows: Regular pew pew falling from the sky.
4 - Wield Axes: More regular stuff.

Second form:
1 - Bladed Arrow: The bolt should now have the animation of a crow inside of it, as if the crow was part of the shot.
2 - Expose Weakness: He pulls the string but now a sudden and very quick animation of the Ichaival appears.
3 - Hail of Arrows: The ability will be used and now instead of an arrow we'll a very quick animation of the Gungnir falling from the sky.
4 - Wield Axes: Regular stuff.

Third form:
1 - Bladed Arrow: Remember that crow that starts flying besides him on second form? The ACTUAL crow now should leave his side and fly together with the projectile with a crow sound and also leaving a thin trail similar to Mercury's ultimate.
2 - Expose Weakness: Ullr pulls the Ichaival's string and a powerful dark blue explosion happens with particles all around the bow.
3 - Hail of Arrows: This one might be a little bit tricky actually. Instead of an arrow, Ullr now quickly throws the actual Gungnir that he's carrying on third form.
4 - Wield Axes: The character should now turn into the savage berserker I talked about, the animation could be Ullr embracing the viking form, opposite of Hel's stance switch.

Axe Stance:

First form:
1 - Thrown Axe: Regular dark blue axe being thrown at your face.
2 - Invigorate: He spins the axes and then firmly holds them.
3 - Glory Bound: Very simple jump, simple particles where he lands.
4 - Wield Bow: If at all possible his bow shouldn't be on his back and should now be carried on his waist.

Second form:
1 - Thrown Axe: We'll see a more fluid axe being thrown with a few spinning particles.
2 - Invigorate: Same as first form.
3 - Glory Bound: A more violent jump with a few scratches on where he lands.
4 - Wield Bow: Same as first form.

Viking form:
1 - Thrown Axe: He'd throw this huge axe with all his power almost falling on the ground.
2 - Invigorate: His sprinting animation should now completely change to a charging beast towards you, he'd now hold the axe with the wood part aiming towards the sky and the blade towards the ground. He should also scream very loud lol OOOOODIN!!!
3 - Glory Bound: The regular jumping animation could do just fine, whenever he lands he should regain balance by putting his hand on the ground and now where he lands there should be the Triple Horn symbol drawn with the ground all destroyed.
4 - Wield Bow: Ullr enjoys being the savage beast, he now fights against the transformation.

Especial Emote: Similar to Anubis' the sky would get all blue and far away we'd see the Sleipnir charging and hear Odin saying "You are the chosen one, Ullr!" with a very powerful and reinvigorating voice.

And yeah, I know the Ragnarok doesn't really go this way lol.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDGVALIJ4y4 (0:22 - 0:24)

06-02-2017, 07:10 PM
You were the chosen one! you were meant to bring balance to the force not destroy it! If you get that reference you have my gratitude. All jokes aside this concept is really well thought out.

06-02-2017, 08:16 PM
Well I guess I have your gratitude then 'cause I do know where that quote comes from haha. Thanks bro!