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06-02-2017, 06:28 PM
Hou Yi The Phoenix King

- So the majority of the Skin concepts follow a linear pattern with the image of the god changing in appearance according to levels. What if instead of changing per level he changes depending on his ultimate. Before I fully explain this idea let's go into his abilities.

1. Ricochet: The ability will change in color slightly from the original. Having a more fiery appearance. Reds, Yellows Oranges. Upon firing you will hear a loud Phoenix (eagle) "CAW." It will look like a small Phoenix traveling in the direction aimed.
2. Mark of the Golden Crow: The symbol that is placed above the persons head is in a Phoenix insignia and pulsates slowly with fire (nothing too major) the hue is again a more realistic fire look with oranges and reds and yellows
3. Divebomb: Upon activation, Hou Yi will grow a large pair of wings at his back and in one fiery swoop he launches himself into the air, stalking his prey from above, the wings will flap. Upon landing the wings dissipate all around him causing a small explosion of hot cinders that deal damage.
4. Sunbreaker: Hou Yi will say a catchphrase, something like "Kamehameha." or something like "Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau." Similar to what Hanzo says in Overwatch, of course that is for the voice director to decide what he will say. (cmon Tina we believe in you!) Upon activation, a single arrow is fired into the air, summoning a large fiery Phoenix, the Phoenix travels upward and crashes down 'ONCE' onto the target area. The target area is left charred and scarred with heat and pulsates with damage nine times. All that is left in the wake of the ultimate is a small black pile of ash. After a short delay a small fiery bird shoots out of the black ash and back into Hou Yi's arrow pack thing.
5. Once the small Phoenix returns to Hou Yi's pack and his ultimate is on cooldown, the Phoenix kings is empowered, his hair becomes fire and a fiery aura surrounds him, only until the ultimate is ready to be used again. (we can add more appearance changes to make him look different but pretty much make him look like he goes super saiyan with fire. Maybe give him the fire wings or change his bow and some aspects of his clothes without making him look like a male version of Sol. Remember this affect ends once his ultimate is ready to be used again.) https://www.instagram.com/smite.fans/ (the last picture posted shows a rough draft of Hou Yi's clothing and the ultimate. Ps the weapon in the picture was originally a scythe and I edited a little to look like a bow so use your imagination