View Full Version : Medusa Tier 5 Skin "Beauty to Beast"

06-02-2017, 06:25 PM
I want to keep it short & simple. I just want a Medusa design where she goes from being human to becoming a Gorgon.

She first starts off as a woman who is covered in her own scales, from her breasts down to her private lady parts. She has two legs & is barefoot.

Medusa then, starts getting vipers in her hair & as she starts to transform (leveling up) she receives a tail, her face starts to look more like her Gorgon form.

Her voice starts off sweet but as she reaches her final form her voice changes completely. Medusa's voice gets deeper & sounds a lot more demonic.

Something cool would be if she has little snakes following her as she walks around OR this can easily become a recall skin for her.

That's pretty much all I have for now, if I happen to get more ideas to add, I will comment on it below! :)

My Twitter in case you have any questions or concerns @KolorlessBeauty

P.S- I have a picture on my Twitter on what I kind of want her to look in her human form. The rest of it is up to you guys :)