View Full Version : Skadi T5 Skin Concept (Ice Queen)

06-02-2017, 06:18 PM
I'm not very artistic but I could try to describe it as best as I can. I'm not talking about Frozen or anything like that either.

Basically Skadi can start off as a simple hunter, covered in old furs and stuff with her hair pulled back, kinda similar to her basic design except without the blue skin, and Kaldr can be some kind of old hunting dog like a Norwegian Elkhound. Her spear can have an older design too, with a stone tip and a wooden shaft.

As the skin move on, Skadi can start getting frostbite on her fingers and other parts of her body. Her body starts to get covered in snow and ice, and her clothes get thicker to try and combat it. They're could maybe be a particle effect of snow coming off her body and cold air whenever she breathes. Kaldr can have that same snowy effect with his fur getting thicker and bulkier while dotted with snow. Skadi's spear can start getting covered in ice.

Then, Skadi makes a big shift as the ice starts to get to her. Her hair turns a pale blond with white tips and her clothes start to drape over her, with the bottom ends of her clothes turning white. She can start to get paler from the cold, but not to the level of the blue skin her normal form has. Kaldr can start to turn more beastly, with his teeth getting longer and maybe some ice starting to grow on his paws. Her spear is almost fully engulfed in ice, with only small parts of the wooden shaft still poking through.

For her final form, Skadi can have a flowing white dress of sorts made of furs with long sleeves. At this point, her hair could be almost completely white and flowing freely, not tied up with anything. On her head can sit a sharp crown of ice or the head of a polar bear that goes down into a cape or veil. Her eyes could glow entirely white as the snow and ice overtake her. Kaldr can now be a full icey beast, with long saber fangs, and spikes of ice on his paws and back. Skadi's spear can be a long icicle with a sharp, deadly point.

It's just a suggestion but I thought it would be a cool idea, and I'm sorry if someone already brought it up.
It's also open to suggestions!
If you want to, please leave a message to let me know what should be added or changed to make the skin cooler, and why you like or dislike it!
Thanks for taking the time to read through it all.