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06-02-2017, 06:09 PM
Medusa concept

Tier 1: Medusa spawns at level 1 as a stereotypical female adventurer, partially wounded and with bandages. She is holding a bow that appears magical, something she would have found in a dungeon. It emanates a strange glow, almost as if it is cursed.

Her 1 just makes the bow glow lightly purple, and its shots are now also completely purple

Her 2 is a small powder grenade she throws out, with the spray being black.

Her 3 is a roll towards the opponent

Her 4 causes her to wind up as she does in the base skin, and then unwrap some of her bandages, causing dark purple magical energy to erupt out, changing her opponents in to glyph-covered statues.

Tier 2: After her first ultimate, Medusa loses her bandages. Under these bandages, she has gruesome wounds, with trails of purple blood leaking out. Her skills are mostly the same, but with the purple brighter.
Her ultimate now has the same windup, but without the removal of the bandages, instead ending with the energy clearly coming out of her wounds.

Tier 3: At this point, it is clear that Medusa has been cursed. Her hand is fused to the bow, and dark crystal is forming over her wounds Her eyes have lost their pupils, and are instead a dark purple glow.
All of her abilities now are formed of the dark crystal, and the powder bomb from her 2 is now also created of this crystal.
Her ultimate in this form retains the windup, of course, and now mostly resembles Medusa's base ultimate, with it ending with Medusa transforming into her final form.

Final Form: Medusa now has the traditional snake tail, but it is created from the crystal. Some of the crystal that was previously over her wounds is starting to fall off, now showing her skeleton under it. Medusa is clearly dying. She still retains a mostly human face, but her eyes have completely glazed over with the crystal.

Her 3 is now the slither it usually is

Her ultimate is also very close to her base ultimate, except now with her ending with her body exploding into energy, with it quickly coming back together afterwards.

None of the crystal should be too bulky, and her human skin should still show partially through to break up the design from just being a crystal Medusa. Alternate colors instead of purple would obviously be fine, as I just realized she just had a purple skin. Her voice-pack's voice would continually stranger, starting with full human but ending with her speaking pure nonsense.

If walking with two legs is too far for the animations, she could instead stand on top of sliding crystal, with a similar appearance to the ground under Thoth when he walks.