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06-02-2017, 05:02 PM
This skin is about medusa getting punished in school


Phase 1:

Medusa is normal girl with normal height she, lives in Athens but she is getting punished in school because her parents she wears sneakers those very short shorts what girls wear in summer, she got green half-cut T-shirt she nerdy glasses and black hairs she uses roller as weapon wich shoots numbers her 1 abillity can looks like F mark in school 2 she throw book which shreed up into small pieces 3 she leap on wheeled boots and 4 she takes down the glasses and stun enemies with her beauty something like camera lightning what makes enemy shiny like chrome when is killed.

Phase 2:

Because of punishing her rage what she was storing inside her blew up and she started transform from cute nice girl into a poisonious beast, Medusa got ripped sneakers her legs starting to have little green scales her shirt is ripped from scales and looks like bra her eyes have green glow and one side of glasses is empty [got no glass inside] her hairs have green ombre she use bola made from her ripped clothes that throws her scales first 2 abillities are same only in ripped or destroyed green glowing version and 3rd one she leaps on rollerblades which she made from her scales on legs and 4th abillity, medusa lost her beauty so when she try to smile on someone her eye on side of glasses with no glass cast and giant snake eye which stunn enemies with his poison.

Phase 3:

She starts to look worse and worse so she decides to visit special laboratory scientist which gives her something what he called healing poiton nothing happened after all day she starts cry and fall asleep that special poiton with combination of her poisoned tears mix up and maxes something very weird when Medusa wakes up she cant move and her eyes sting and she cant almost see she sit up and look on her legs, there was no legs only long black tail with little burning lines which looks like lava rivers she dont know how to use her tail so he moves only with her hands on ground her full body stings so bad she get some water but when she touch sink it start steam like its overheating her hands had like 100°C she looked into mirror on her eyes there were flames everywhere coming off her eyes her cloth melts down and her skin is full of black scales. She uses fire spectral bow Abillities: 1st Medusa shoots mixture of her tears and potions that burn enemies, 2nd Medusa throws special poition that split into burning gas 3rd medusa leaps on flood from her tears and she leaves steaming path behind her 4th medusa throws water bottle on ground and uses her eyes to make steam shock-wawe that stun enemies. Only possible bonus when enemies are killed with her ult and someone hit their statues but not destroy them there will be coming steam from their statues and if they destroy them they will blow all around.

Phase 4:

She cries every night and poiton mixture with her tears starts rapidly getting on power
Her body is glowing on red her scales are dark black and that lava rivers are wider and more glowy and shiny he front part of body got flowing lava her hairs changed from green ombre into lava hounds with lava flowing from their eyes and mouth they are fully black. Medusas eyes are changed from flames burners into volcanos that splash lava or she can have flowing lava from her eyes down to her front part of body or into her hands and she uses that like weapon. Her mouth looks like mouth of Jeff the killer with long tounge coming off im leaving idea of effects of her mouth on other players or on developers/graphics.
For weapons she can use her hounds or that flowing lava from her eyes how i wrote down few lines up

Abillities: 1st Medusa shots her hounds which suck on enemies and melt them with lava inside of their mouths, 2nd Medusa shoots beam of lava from her front part of body that splits into lava rain, 3rd Medusa leaps on flowing lava with souls of her hounds around and when she hits enemies souls of hounds fly through them in cross formation and dmg them + with stun
4th Medusa charges up and her hounds will howl into firing moon [only detail it really couldnt be :3] she will glow massive lava river into enemies which melt them into stone [like when lava kill human in real life] after she use her ult her front part of body stop flow lava until her ult is ready again

Possible bonus: When she kills enemies with ult they will looks like stone statues with lava pool under them and again when someone attack that statues and dont destroy them there will be lava flowing off from them into that pool and if the statues are destroyed there will explode volcano on place where they was standing or floating.

Sorry for my grammar, I hope its not that bad

Here is my bad drawing


06-02-2017, 05:06 PM
Dude wow so much.

06-03-2017, 09:13 AM
this is great I just hope you can draw some designs so I can visualize the character

06-03-2017, 09:21 AM
oh i really dont know draw i can only try to edit some google pictures or if someone will be that awesome person and take a time to draw something for me or photoshop :o

06-03-2017, 09:52 AM
noice dis is veri noice. no its onli joke is veri bad. ceck mi jing wie concept for more info