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06-02-2017, 04:21 PM
Mad Scientist Hou Yi

Levels 1-5 (A depiction of Isaac Newton):
A young boy, very curious about the world, with many questions about his existance. He is very intelligent however very naive. He must be about 10-12 years old, dressed up like a little scientist.
Ricochet- Hou Yi fires a burning comet (Keplar's Laws of Planetary Motion)
Mark of the Golden Crow- An equation hovering over an enemy, stating F=ma (Force= Mass × Acceleration)
Sunbreaker- Hou Yi shoots a tree branch hovering above, 9 dropping apples. (This relates to Newton's most famous discovery, gravity.)

Level 6-10 (A depiction of Benjamin Franklin): Now an adult, this scientist is on his way to uncover what lies beyond the universe. The young discoverer is off to unearth Electricity! He is in his young 20's with a clean labcoat and potions.
Auto-Attacks- from a device on his palms shoot projectiles of electricity.
Ricochet- Hou Yi shoots a lightning bolt from his device that bounces off the walls.
Mark of the Golden Crow- An equation hovers over the enemy reading P= I × V (P= Power, I= Intensity, V= Voltage)
Sunbreaker- Hou Yi summons a kite, striking down lightning 9 times.

Level 11-15 (A depiction of Thomas Edision):
After a crazy experiment, the now older and scarred scientist with a tethered lab coat and open wounds is in a near death state. He has a deathly voicepack that refers closely to quotes of Edison, but has a depressing and scary turn of phrase.
Auto attacks- Hou Yi fires audiowaves from his hands (Phonograph)
Ricochet- A beam of light shoots from Hou Yi's hands (Lightbulb)
Mark of the Golden Crow- Above the opponents head reads 1,000 K (refering to the Edison effect)
Sunbreaker- A tornado of 9 Edison inventions circles above, falling one at a time as Hou Yi shoots them down.

Level 16-20 (A depiction of Albert Einstein)-
A green-glowing crazy scientist with a maniacal laugh, an arsenal of awesome-looking weaponry, and of course the Einstein hair that can only be matched by PrettyPrimes. This half human, half monster is a force to be reckoned with.
Autos- A green acidic chemical pours out of Hou Yi's hands.
Ricochet- A pulsating purple beam roars through the map, evaporating any enemy that he kills.
Mark of the Iron Crow- A mark with an evil green glowing E=Mc² hovers above enemies
Sunbreaker- A vortex of every possible color swirls from below as the Sun and 8 planets are shot down.

06-19-2017, 03:33 PM
transforming between scientists ........ body swapping ghost ;)