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This idea would be a mix of both the transformations (further on that below).
The concept will be Hou Yi is the star of his own tiny humanoid Sagittarius constellation and each stage in levels would be a part of a stars lifecycle. Throughout the whole process you could still see his complete shape in the skin.
I take no credit for the images linked in this post, all being found in the appearance sections.

Stage 1 : Nebula
Appearance: (https://cdn.spacetelescope.org/archives/images/large/heic1307a.jpg) Hou Yi would still be a nebula in which the stars has only just started to form, so one tiny star burning in the nebula near his heart and joints and throughout the rest of his body you can see chunks of debree and metal twinkling in this purple / red body of space smoke.
Weapon: Hou Yi's bow would be see-through and completely made of the same smoke as him. His arrows would be puffs of smoke with a sharp piece of debree in the front.

Ricochet: This arrow would be bigger and made out of pebble-like chunks of debree with the purple/red smoke surrounding it. At the tip of the arrow would be a bigger blunt rock, this rock would sharpen on each ricochet. On impact the whole arrow shatters.
Mark of the Golden Crow: The crow shot out would be a puff of smoke and the target would be marked with a small puff of smoke surrounding them, leaving a trail (in stead of the mark on top of your head).
Divebomb: This ability would mostly be the same but Hou Yi would "leak" particles downwards and backwards.
Sunbreaker: His Ultimate will be 9 Supernova's in stead of the suns raining down, they would interlude into the birth of Hou Yi in his Nebula form.
Clarifying this: when a star dies in a supernova it leaves a giant area of smoke behind called a Nebula, this Nebula is the birthground for a new star (and solar system) with the material of the whole previous solar system.

Stage 2: Cataclysmic
Appearance: (http://queenofeagles.deviantart.com/art/The-Hunter-In-The-Sky-577839450) Hou Yi would now be a young constellaion. The solar systems all have these red/brown-ish rings of dust around the stars, these forming the planets and asteroid belts later. The rest of the skin could remain a seethrough purple color.
Reference for the rings and color (http://www.davidreneke.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/PAH1.jpg)
Weapon: His bow would be made of the chunks of asteroid which are denser than the chunks on his skin. The arrows would be made out of asteroids (still with air between parts of the arrow).

Ricochet: Same as the Nebula form only with bigger and denser chunks of asteroid.
Mark of the Golden Crow: Hou Yi throws a small planetoid towards his target. This planetoid shatters on impact and the debree of it circle above the target.
Divebomb: In his flight he would drop little bits of debree as his star in still young and small and it's gravity isn't very strong yet.
Sunbreaker: His Ultimate would drop four magmatic planets and five gaseous planets. The first planet being the biggest of all and a giant magmatic ball. After this giant ball he drops the gaseous planets and the solid ones in an alternating order, the gaseous are slightly bigger than the solid ones. When the solid (magmatic) planets crash into the ground they explode into debree and the gaseous ones incinerate on impact into a circle of fire.

Stage 3: Full constellation
Appearance: (http://queenofeagles.deviantart.com/art/The-Hunter-In-The-Sky-577839450) Hou Yi is now a constellation in it's prime. Much like our solar system his joints have a single bigger star with a divercity in planets circling it (moons are too small to show on this model I think). His heart would be the center star of this constellation and also be an even bigger star. In his head the would also be another fairly large star.
Stage 3 would share similarities with stage 2 but the rings would replace with planets in allignment or circling the star (depending on the space in his body).
Weapon: His bow is a large solar system in allignment and the asteroid belt filling in the gaps better to make it nearly solid but still looking "floaty". His arrows now are visibly masses of land. They look like an arrow shaped piece was cut of Earth.

Ricochet: Hou Yi lauches and asteroid belt, the asteroid in the front acts the same as in the previous iterations. Also this arrow shatters on impact like the previous but with more debree.
Mark of the Golden Crow: Hou Yi throws a small star towards his target. This star follows the target overhead and has it's own solar system circling it.
Divebomb: This would be the exact same as normal Hou Yi, no special pieces falling off of him.
Sunbreaker: Hou Yi's ultimate now drops his typical stars, but this time there are 3 blue dwarfstars, 3 normal stars, 2 red giants and finally a white supergiant.

Stage 4.1: Mass Supernova
Appearance: (http://thefearmaster.deviantart.com/art/fire-archer-30-min-doodle-492847809) Hou Yi is now at the end of the constellations life. He is now entirely made of fire and explosions as all the stars are dying in supernova's and destroying their solar systems.
Weapon: Hou Yi's bow and arrows are now made of fire. (Not very original but keep reading for stage 4.2)

Ricochet: Hou Yi shoots an alligned solar system, each ricochet the dying star desintegrates another planet. On impact his "arrow" explodes into a ball of fire i.e. a complete supernova.
Mark of the Golden Crow: Hou Yi throws a small star towards his target. This star follows the target overhead and has it's own solar system circling it. (Same as stage 3)
Divebomb: In his flight Hou Yi leaves a trial of smoke, when impacting on the ground he desintegrates and swaps to Black Hole Hou Yi (stage 4.2).
Sunbreaker: Same as stage 3 Hou Yi drops 9 stars, each exploding on impact with the ground.

Stage 4.2: Black Houle Yi (jokes aside Black Hole Hou Yi)
Appearance: (http://queenofeagles.deviantart.com/art/The-Hunter-In-The-Sky-577839450) Hou Yi is now at the end of the constellations life. Hou Yi is now a black a purple entity of destruction. At his heart and head is a massive black hole, while there are smaller ones on his joints. The whole skin can follow the reference material but add small inward spiraling motion to the black holes.
Weapon: Hou Yi's bow and arrows are now newborn solar systems, thus being new Nebulas without any star forming in them. These Nebulas are completely seethrough but do leave a trail of dust and are purple/red-ish like his Nebula Forms complete body is.

Ricochet: Hou Yi shoots an alligned solar system, each ricochet the black hole sucks in another planet. On impact his "arrow" implodes into the black hole before it dissapearing.
Mark of the Golden Crow: Hou Yi throws a black hole at his target. This black hole sticks to the targets head and sucks in debree like the ones on Hou Yi's body.
Divebomb: Hou Yi sucks up debree from the ground in his flight. When he touches the ground the black holes implode once more, creating a supernova. Thus he swaps to Supernova Hou Yi
Sunbreaker: Hou Yi creates a giant black hole on the ground. This black hole sucks in stars and planets alike (in random orders) and desintegrates them into nothing on collision.

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave any feedback.
If anyone feels an urge to make a concept drawing of this feel free, my own drawing skills are on par with a 5 year old. Furthermore it would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I know this is too much for one T5 but using the stage 4 transformations on their own might be good aside from this. Or use 4 of the 5 transformations. If using the two stage 4 transformations, skin can be renamed to Solar End Hou Yi or something.

Edit 2: Added in some reference material from my 2nd post into here for easier navigating the post. Also reworked stage 2s appearance as it was too heavy for the skin in my opinion.

Skin transform through lvl up and at stage 4 Divebomb swaps between 4.1 & 4.2
Stage 1 visual aid (https://cdn.spacetelescope.org/archives/images/large/heic1307a.jpg)
Stage 2, 3 & 4.2 baseline (http://queenofeagles.deviantart.com/art/The-Hunter-In-The-Sky-577839450)
Stage 2 visual aid (http://www.davidreneke.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/PAH1.jpg)
Stage 4.1 visual aid (http://thefearmaster.deviantart.com/art/fire-archer-30-min-doodle-492847809)

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I know it's alot to take in, but any feedback would be greatly aprreciated.
This is not a final draft, this is just my vision on a new Universe-themed skin.

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I really love this idea for Hou Yi

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Thanks alot, I really hope my skin gets more time in the limelight.
Also this is just a bump :P